Friday Night Challenge: Mr. (Im)possible

For those of you who haven’t been to the gym yet, we have quite an interesting list of challenges to test your skills with. Occasionally, completing a challenge might get you something!

Tonight, during Friday night Open Gym, anyone to complete the Mr. (Im)possible challenge will get half off their monthly membership. Come in tonight from 6-10pm and give it a shot!

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Help Us Grow

There is a new page under “The Gym” tab in the menu. This tab, labeled “Gym Planning,” is a page to educate you on what new projects, small and large, RocPK is working on to make the gym as amazing as it possibly could be. Some projects can be completed tomorrow while others are long term. You can find this page here.

Please take some time to look over what we are working on. If you can, consider making a small donation to our efforts so that we can begin work as soon as possible. Every donation is put straight towards these projects, not operation costs (which is covered by memberships).

Remember, Rochester Parkour is a community organization with a dedication not only to the members, but to Rochester as a whole. A donation will help us expand our outreach to educate and inspire more at-risk youth and young adults.

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Kids Class Time Change!


A couple parents have made it known that 5pm works best to ensure their kids make it to the class on time. Because of this, the kids class has now moved to 5pm-6pm. This change has been reflected on the calendar widget.

Sorry for the change!

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Membership Discount this Week

Hey gang,

We had a blast at the opening and despite some last minute setbacks, were still able to open in April! Some people have been asking about a discount on the monthly membership for the lost two weeks, so we’ve decided to give a discount good through this week!

Sign up for any monthly membership by Friday, April 22 and get the month of May half off. That means you could get a student open gym pass next month for just $15!

In regards to the inquiries about payment options, I’m busy trying to set up an online bill pay service, but until that gets off the ground, you’ll need to show up to the gym with cash or check.

Check out the Hours of Operation page at the top menu for business hours! See you there!

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Parkour Gym Grand Opening Success!

Wow, what a day!

It was a joy to see the hours of hard work myself and numerous other members of the community spent pay off. All in all, we had over 80 people show up to the grand opening! Mark’s Pizzeria donated 360 slices of pizza, Nicole made over 60 cookies, Dave Rapp made a large batch of brownies and after everything was said and done, I think we only had one sheet of pizza left!

All around people of all ages were playing and exploring. We had everyone from ages 5-60 show up! Rochester Parkour is growing and expanding, and you should all feel proud to be that driving force behind it. None of this would have happened without you.

I’d also like to thank the traveling traceurs that came out to join us from Buffalo Parkour. Definitely was good to see you guys again and hope to see you more in the next couple months. Buffalo is planning a Monkey Vault trip in May so mark off time on your calendars RocPK!

Hope to see you all having fun again in and out of the gym this week!

Charles Moreland

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The Rochester Parkour Gym GRAND OPENING!

The day has finally come for New York’s first parkour facility to open its doors! Come and learn how to swing, jump, climb, and vault. Create your own course, set your own goals and challenges and work hard to conquer them under the guidance of Charles Moreland and other community members.

We will be kicking off the opening with three FREE workshops:

– Street self-defense, from Certified Combat Instructor Dave Rapp
– Stretching and mobility, from licensed massage therapist Graham Musler
– Beginner parkour techniques, from certified strength coach Charles Moreland

The workshops will rotate every 30 minutes allowing everyone the chance to partake in all activities for free.

After the events conclude, we will open the gym up to whatever free training you want.

Schedule of Events:

3:30 – 4:00pm – People arrive
4:00 – 5:30pm – Free workshops
5:30 – 8:00pm – Free open gym

Invite your friends, invite your family, come get involved! The gym is located at 121 Lincoln Ave, Rochester, NY.

*Due to space limitations, we may need to cap the workshops at 20 people each. Please come early to ensure your spot.

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