Quality Instruction. Modifiable Environment. Open Community.

This is not your typical gym. This is a community that invests in its people and pushes each other to become better, stronger, and more capable human beings. Our instructors are the best in the region for hundreds of miles! We are dedicated to our student’s movement education and have custom-built the gym to be the best environment for perfecting movement skills. All instructors have completed a 3 month minimum apprenticeship that puts them ahead of even most personal trainers in the area! All gym equipment is built to top-quality standards and is maintained and upgraded on a regular basis. 

  • Quality – We take pride in our students. We will push you through safe instruction to become the best possible mover you can be.
  • Modifiable – Almost everything in our facility can move and change. While we love the gym, we get bored frequently training in the same layout. At least once a month, we change the layout to make the gym feel like a brand new gym!