Gym Policies

General Policy Overview –

  • Tiny Movers is for ages 3-5, Kids Parkour is for ages 6-9, Youth is for ages 10-14, Ages 15+ is Adult level 1 or equivalent. Students wishing to attend Level 2 classes must meet level test requirements (found here).
  • We have an “indoor shoe” policy and everyone will be required to change into a pair of clean, dry shoes (pre-cleaned, not worn outside since cleaning) once they enter the gym. Shoe rentals are available for $5, but all sizes are not guaranteed.
  • Pre enrollment required for Classes; Open Gym pre-enrollment encouraged
  • Students under the age of 18 must first attend a class before attending their age appropriate open gym

Indoor Shoe Policy –

All clients will be expected to remove their shoes upon entering in our lobby area (by the door) and change into a pair of clean/dry indoor only shoes that have not been worn outside since cleaning. Parents may bring a change of shoes for themselves as well or may walk over with socks only to the lounge. We have community slippers for use to access the bathrooms. Shoe rentals are available for $5, but note that not all sizing is guaranteed. No exceptions.

Open Gym Policy –

All students under 18 must first attend a class before attending open gym. We recommend you pre-enroll into open gym ahead of time, but it is not required. However, once the roster is full, we may not be able to over-enroll and will turn you away at the door.

  • All Ages Open Gym: Ages 6+; Actively enrolled Tiny Movers students may attend open gym with a parent tag along to spot and watch over them.
  • Kids Open Gym: Ages 6-10; Actively enrolled Tiny Movers students may attend open gym with a parent tag along to spot and watch over them.
  • Mixed Open Gym: Ages 10+ mixed Youth & Adult. If a student is under the age of 10, but currently attending Youth Level 1 classes, they may attend Mixed Open Gym.

Zone Policy –

Blue Zone – 6 and 7 ft zones marked with blue tape corners. You cannot jump from a blue zone to the floor. (Level 2 students can with good form)

Red Zone – 8 and 9 ft zones (generally) marked with red tape corners. Blue zone-ers can have their hands in a red zone, but not their torsos, butt or feet.

  • Additional red zone items: Warped Wall, 9 ft bars, Tops of the 8 ft bar cage

Batman Zone – Top segments of the city box marked with black and white batman tape. Only batman and his appointed few may be in batman zones. Students are cleared in this zone on a case by case basis.

  • Wall pass practice is fine (hands in zone), but think jumping from a batman zone platform across a gap to another object.

General Membership rules

  • You must be pre-enrolled ahead of time online in order to reserve your slot in the class. Failure to pre-enroll may result in you being turned away. Why? It’s good business and promotes education! We cap our classes at 8 for Tinies, 9 for Kids and 10 for every other class. This ensures a high instructor to student ratio. Also, by pre-enrolling, our instructors can see who is enrolled for the class and custom build a curriculum for those students. No surprises means better learning!
  • The payment is a recurring auto draft that will happen on the same day every month as the original start date (e.g. buying a membership on the 10th will result in your membership payment date always being the 10th of every month).
  • Cancelling a membership is free so long as you cancel prior to the next month’s payment. Late cancellations will be subject to a $20 Late Cancellation Fee. Cancellations can be done at any time through your account dashboard. Should you wish for us to cancel your membership for you, you MUST submit a Membership Cancellation Request form NO LESS THAN seven (7) days before the next month’s payment. Failure to do so may result in an auto-draft and you will be subject to our $20 Late Cancellation Fee.
  • The most expensive priced membership will remain the primary (un-discounted) membership and the consecutive family memberships will receive a 25% off discount

Discipline Expectations

  • We want to maintain a safe space for both students and teachers alike. We strive to build an establishment based on mutual respect and discipline. If your child is misbehaving in a way that a staff member deems inappropriate, we will adhere to the following disciplinary course: After 1-2 warnings, a time out will be administered. After 3 consecutive time outs in a given class, the student will be ejected and asked to leave with no refund.
  • Staff will always debrief both student and parent on why a time out was granted. Depending upon the circumstances, an ‘in-class’ time out may be issued so that a student does not lose out on any pertinent class instruction. In this case, the parent debrief would occur at the end of class.
  • Questions? Email Charles at