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Skill Requirements

Level 2 classes are amazing, exciting, but can also be dangerous to those who are not adequately prepared for the rigorous drills and exercises. The RocPK Level Test is designed to ensure that those wishing to pursue more dynamic and complex forms of movement are properly prepared.

The below images can be used as a reference when you’ve decided that you have the required skills to move up to Level 2 classes.

RocPK Youth Level 2 Test
RocPK Adult Level 2 Test

Send us your Application Video!

Next time you’re in Open Gym, use whatever video recording device you have to film yourself performing these techniques to best of your ability. If you don’t have a buddy, a parent, or a tripod handy, you can also ask the Open Gym Supervisor to assist you and film you.

Once your videos are complete, you can either clip them all together into one video, or send them all as individuals using the form below!