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The Right Shoes, for the Right Price!

Tesla Bare-Trek – $29.98

Minimalist. Great grip. Zero drop. Amazing price!

These shoes are knock offs from a shoe previously designed and sold by Merrel. When Merrel decided to discontinue the model, this shoe manufacturer took it over. The glue used is sometimes sub-par and most purchasers report separation from the sole and the fabric. Most of us decided to apply a small bit of shoe goo whenever this happens. Despite the glue, the rubber soles are excellently crafted and offer a lot of resistance to wear and tear especially when matched against the Feiyue. Overall, they are excellent training shoes and will last you anywhere from 6 months to 1 year of training depending on how vigorously you train.

Feiyue’s – $17.99 – $36.36

Comfortable. Soft. Zero Drop. Great Price!

These shoes have been worn by traceurs far and wide ever since Parkour training began! We put our shoes through a lot of abuse and no matter how much money you spend on a shoe, you’ll be lucky if they last you past 1 year of active training. These shoes are designed for martial arts, but sport an excellent rubber sole for grip and offers slightly more cushion than the Tesla shoes. Feiyue wearers report significant wear and tear on the sole, possibly due to how the rubber sole is constructed, but only after prolonged use. Expect these shoes to last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year of active training.

What do we look for in a shoe?

Rubber Sole

When you’re running, jumping, and swinging through the air, the last thing you want is to feel insecure about how frictiony your soles are. Slips are no good. The shoes you choose should have actual rubber underneath your feet – you’d be amazed how many shoe companies skip this now and just sell you soles made of foam!

No Foam

Your joints are sacred and you’re training parkour to enhance your strength, speed, and skill. Foam in your shoes actually lessens the ability for you to feel the ground underneath you and leads to poor landing habits. Skip the foam – Train smart.

Zero Drop

During training, you’re going to be jumping, leaping, striding, and cutting side to side often. Shoes with elevated heels, such as normal running shoes, actually increase the likelihood that you’ll suffer a sprain when your ankle shifts sideways. Elevated heels increase the angular forces being placed on ankles. Drop the heel.