Rochester Parkour Summer Camps

Camps that ExciteEnergizeEducate Your Kids!

Summer Camps with Rochester Parkour are so much more than just dropping your kids off to get them out of the house. Our camps aren’t disguised day care. We don’t hire high schoolers and our instructors aren’t paid minimum wage. Your kids will be in the hands of Western, NY’s top movement instructors who care about their careers, the education they provide, and the progress of your kids.

Invest in your child’s progress! We’d love to have them!


Update 6/4/2020: Rocpk families, at this time we have yet to receive any formal guidance from nys or monroe county on business operations, let alone summer camps. At this time, we have not made an official statement on our summer camp schedule.

our recommendation is to hold off on registration until we are able to make an official statement.

to any family who enrolled prior to 3/15/2020: if complete or partial cancellations occur, you will have a choice between credit forward to help support the gym during this trying time or a full refund.

Non-Member Price

Full Day 9am-4pm


Half Day 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm


RocPK Member Price

Full Day 9am-4pm


Half Day 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm


Summer Camps for Kids Ages 6-9

Obstacle CoursesParkourNinja WarriorMovement GamesNerf Battles

Kids Nerf Bootcamp

RocPK Summer Camps are day long experiences that not only get your kids out of the house, they also educate, inspire, and motivate them to be better, stronger, more capable humans!

Each camp spends half the day learning Parkour and Ninja skills and also includes a plethora of fun movement games. Your kids will learn how to run up walls, how to safely swing on bars, vault over barriers, and so much more!

The other half day will be spent having a blast playing with nerf blasters! Instead of playing video games, your kids will live their own video game! They’ll run fun time trials and accuracy drills. They’ll learn to work as a team to solve objectives. They’ll even try to survive a zombie apocalypse!

Each week of camp can be enrolled for as the Full Day experience or as a Half-Day experience. Full Day camps run 9am-4pm. Half-Day camps run 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm.

Camp Dates

July 13-17
July 27-31
August 10-14

Summer Camps for Youth Ages 10-15

Learn how to... Climb up walls!Swing on bars!Balance on rails!Work as a team!Jump over gaps!

Youth Rival Bootcamp

In this series of camps, your pre-teens and teenagers will learn beneficial physical and mental skills that develop them into better functioning and positive contributors to society. We don’t “just jump off things.” Your kids will develop into stronger, faster, safer, balanced, and highly coordinated humans. This camp is perfect for any teenager who likes Obstacle Courses or wants to be America’s next Ninja Warrior!

Half of the day will be spent learning how to safely navigate any environment. They’ll learn valuable skills that can translate into other sports too! Our expert instructors will show your teens and pre-teens how to properly build their strength and agility and then apply it to do some of the coolest tricks.

The other half day will be spent playing with Nerf Rival blasters. Instead of wasting away in the house playing Fortnite, Apex Legends, or PUBG, they’ll get to live it themselves! They’ll run like crazy, they’ll duck and cover, they’ll learn to work as a team to accomplish objectives, and they’ll have the time of their lives.

Each week of camp can be enrolled for as the Full Day experience or as a Half-Day experience. Full Day camps run 9am-4pm. Half-Day camps run 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm.


July 13-17
July 20-24
August 3-7

New Combo Camp Offering!!!

New this year Rochester Parkour will be offering 1 week out of our Summer schedule to accommodate families with children that split our age ranges.

Many families have given feedback saying that they have two or more kids who want to take camp together, but one is 8 and the other 11 (or something similar).

Our first camp offering – July 13-17 – was specifically tailored to these families. Anyone between the ages of 6 and 13 can be enrolled for this camp! Some camp activities will be done as a group and some will see the campers splitting up.


July 13-17