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Charles is the co-founder and co-owner of the Rochester Parkour Gym - the first Parkour training facility in New York State. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Fine Art from RIT and has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach, and Parkour instructor for almost a decade.

Mask Policy Updates August 2021

Dear RocPK Community,

Today it was announced by the Monroe County Health Department that our county has surpassed the threshold of “substantial transmission” of COVID-19. As a result, Monroe County is now recommending residents wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Given this new information, RocPK will revert to requiring masks for all participants inside the facility for all services, regardless of vaccination status. No other changes will be reverted at this time, meaning we will not be lowering our enrollment caps, observing distancing, or restricting lounge access. This change will go into effect tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3rd.

As of today’s notices, Monroe County crossed into the “substantial transmission” category by 0.02 cases. It’s expected that this number will increase in the following two weeks, but quick action now can help ensure that we fall below this threshold as quickly as possible.

Reminders: masks must be double-layered and snug fitting. Bandanas, gaiters, vents, or otherwise loosely fitting masks are not permitted. 

While this announcement might seem like a giant step backward, putting masks back on is a really simple and easy action that has the potential to make a huge impact. After all, it’s also something our kids have been doing this whole time. We will continue to monitor this situation closely as it evolves and will update these policies as new data become available.

See you in the gym!


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The Return of Adult Nerf Nights!


2 hours on Fridays 6-8pm
Restricted to fully vaccinated adults only
Blaster and shoe rentals available for $5
Online pre-enrollment mandatory
No walk ins accepted
Indoor shoes required
Ammo provided

The first Adult Nerf Night since March 2020 is now on the schedule for July 30th! Reserve a spot using this link


Geetings RocPK Nerfers!

At long last, we are excited to finally be prepared to get Nerf back on the schedule! It’s been a long time and the gym is in a completely different place than we were prior to shutdowns. We hope to be as accommodating as possible and appreciate whatever courtesy you can give us as we do our best to try and offer this amazing event as best as we are able.

The biggest new changes that you’ll notice are the price, the vaccination requirement, and the pre-enrollment policy.

As much as we wanted to keep things the same, our rent has increased, insurance costs have increased, payroll wages have increased, and taxes have increased (not to mention the exorbitant losses from last year). We still believe that $15 is highly competitive to the prices you see for other fun amusements you might choose on a Friday night. We hope that you agree.

The vaccination requirement was a decision we did not make lightly. Our parkour classes, for example, can operate with both vaccinated and unvaccinated participants. The only difference when it comes to nerf is that nerf requires eye protection and eye protection plus masks makes fogged glasses. While there are many clever solutions to get around the fogging, the chance that a solution proves inadequate and results in someone running into an object, tripping over an object, or otherwise injuring another participant is too great.

Given these challenges, all participants must be prepared to prove their fully vaccinated status on arrival to their first nerf night. Once status is approved, you will never have to prove it again. This will ensure that nerf can operate as similarly as it did to the before times when the world was magical.

Finally, in order to ensure seamless arrival and ensure that we start the event on time, we are no longer accepting walk ins to nerf nights. Participants must pre-enroll ahead of time and pay with a credit card. This one new change should drastically improve event start time and maximize the total nerf game play experience.

We know that many of our past attendees would often times pay for each other or cover each other by paying in cash at the door. As much as we wish we could continue that, the limitations of our registration system will make this practice impossible.

It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve last had a nerf night. The hobby has changed since then and w