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Charles is the co-founder and co-owner of the Rochester Parkour Gym - the first Parkour training facility in New York State. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Fine Art from RIT and has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach, and Parkour instructor for almost a decade.

Introducing: The Strehle AirTrick!

One of the defining characteristics of our establishment is the near complete absence of soft, squishy things. We call it The Ridgid Environment and our students have learned to embrace it as one of the most important teachers they’ll ever have. The world that surrounds us is not soft or squishy and we see the over prevalence of soft surfaces at playgrounds and gyms as something that fosters poor movement habits and unhealthy technique.

With that said, there’s still definitely a lot that can be learned from trampolines or spring floors when used the right way. We’ve been debating this addition for quite some time, but the real push came when our beloved instructor Devin Strehle accepted his new job in Denver, CO.

Before leaving, Devin left a sizable donation to the gym specifically for this purpose. As a thanks, and so as to ensure that his love for flips, tricks, and acrobatic maneuvers could continue, we’ve named the mat in his honor.

What is an AirTrick?

If you’ve never heard of an AirTrick or have never used one, we’d like to first explain what it is not.

The AirTrick is not a landing mat…

Instead, the AirTrick is a training tool that is something inbetween a normal gymnastics spring floor and a small (read: not super bouncy) trampoline. The mat itself is 13 feet wide by 26 feet long and its rebounding capabilities will greatly enhance the acrobatic desires of our students.

Tumbling can now be trained more easily and more safely with the use of this mat and the concept of bailing on a flip, while still not desirable, will be a lot easier to allow.

As the name suggests, this mat is inflatable – it can be inflated in about 20 minutes and it can also be deflated in roughly 5 minutes and folded up to take up no more than 20sqft. That means that for us and our small foot print of a gym, the mat will not always be inflated so that we can still utilize the square footage of the cubby when we need it.

Rules of Participation and Apparel Restrictions

The inflatable nature of this mat also means there are a few restrictions on how we allow students to use it. Restrictions are as follows:

  • No shoes allowed (even indoor shoes)
  • Socks only (no bare feet). They do not need to be the specialized rubbery socks that you find at trampoline parks, but if you have them, by all means, feel free to bring and use them
  • Absolutely no metal or plastic on clothing, whatsoever – zippers, snaps, buttons, rivets, or anything else
  • No items or accessories  in pockets or on the body (such as glasses or jewelry)
  • Participants are limited to practicing or training skills and techniques that they’ve been taught by an instructor. Just because this mat can be used for acrobatics, doesn’t mean you should try any acrobatics without the proper knowledge or instruction.

AirTrick Availability and Schedule

If you are interested in utilizing this new tool, the schedule** is as follows:

  • *Mondays 5pm – 8pm & 9pm – 9:30pm
  • Tuesdays 6:30pm – 9pm
  • Wednesdays 6:30pm – 9pm
  • Saturdays 2pm – 5pm

*Priority for the AirTrick will always be given to the Acro Class on Mondays from 8pm – 9pm, but there may be days that the class will not be utilizing the mat.

**The schedule as stated is preliminary and subject to change. We welcome any and all feedback to ensure that the gym space works for you, whether that includes the new AirTrick or does not.

Currently, the only plans we have for the actual use of the mat will be for Mixed Open Gym times. This is, in part, due to the fact that we do not further restrict the clothing and apparel choices of our students past the indoor shoe requirement. This means our instructors cannot plan an entire class’ curriculum around the AirTrick, given the possible scenario of one of our students showing up in jeans (or other restricted apparel item), without a change of clothing, that would result in their non-participation.

While not guaranteed, use of the AirTrick for warmups, technique training, or other various drills could be made of use by our instructors should the entire class of students satisfy the apparel restrictions.

Final Thoughts

The AirTrick is an excellent way to play around with techniques and tricks that would otherwise be a challenge to learn due to the possibility of bails – things like handstands, dive rolls, flips, handsprings, kip ups, or other dynamic techniques that could result in a hard impact on the floor. Obviously, most of these endeavours might seem either too challenging for you and where you are on your movement journey right now or may not be something that interests you.

At the same time, this mat can also just serve as a great way to build lower body strength and power by simply jumping on it for a set period of time, practicing broad jumps without all the impact the floor provides, practicing dynamic QM techniques like monkey jumps or ground kongs, or any other simple bouncing drills. Instructor Charles will be using the RocPK Instagram and our ZenPlanner Workouts site to create a database of helpful drills and exercises that can be done on the mat suitable for all skill levels. Those videos should be coming out later this week.

We’re excited to be including this item into our new “Bag o’ Tricks” (pun intended) and we’re excited to see you all use it to enhance your training. Let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding the mat, its use, or anything else.


The RocPK Team

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Introducing – Family Plans!

The Background

Of our ~250 families, more than half are currently on one of our membership plans. We see this as huge win for us not only as a community, but also as a small business. The membership tiers give our students the best value for their budget and also make our job scheduling, coordinating, and offering classes and services easier. It’s a win-win.

Additionally, ever since we introduced the membership plans nearly 7 years ago, the “Family Discount” of 25% off each additional plan has afforded even more savings to most families. Most, not all.

This Fall, RocPK is looking to change that and make it even easier for families to choose Rochester Parkour as one of their main fitness and recreational outlets by making it way more affordable!

New Family Plans!

Starting September 1st, 2018, Rochester Parkour will be adding in additional discounted memberships for families looking to add 3 or more people to a membership. These discounts could mean $20/month savings, but could also be upwards of hundreds of dollars for some of our larger families!

The discount tiers couldn’t be more simple:

  • 1st Membership – Full Price (no change from current membership plans)
  • 2nd Membership – 25% Off (no change from current membership plans)
  • 3rd Membership – 50% Off
  • 4th+ Membership(s) – 75% Off

These new memberships are just additions to our Membership program, they are NOT replacing them. If you are currently on membership, nothing is going to change. If you have less than 2 people in your family and are interested in membership, nothing is going change, either. You will continue to be able to set up membership plans on your own through our Zen Planner site and will be able to add on additional memberships at the 25% off tier.


5 Person Family w/ Everyone on 5x/Month

5 Person Family Old Price New Price
Person 1 $80 – 5x/month  $80 – 5x/month
Person 2  $60 – 5x/month  $60 – 5x/month
Person 3  $60 – 5x/month  $40 – 5x/month
Person 4  $60 – 5x/month  $20 – 5x/month
Person 5  $60 – 5x/month  $20 – 5x/month
Total  $320  $220 ($100 Savings!)

Mix & Match! 5 Person Family on Different Membership Tiers

5 Person Family Old Price New Price
Person 1 $115 – All Access  $115 – All Access
Person 2  $71.25 – 8x/month  $71.25 – 8x/month
Person 3  $71.25 – 8x/month  $47.50 – 8x/month
Person 4  $60 – 5x/month  $20 – 5x/month
Person 5  $60 – 5x/month  $20 – 5x/month
Total  $377.50  $273.75 ($103.75 Savings)

5 Person Family on All Access Plans

5 Person Family Old Price New Price
Person 1 $115 – All Access  $115 – All Access
Person 2  $86.25 – All Access  $86.25 – All Access
Person 3 $86.25 – All Access  $57.50 – All Access
Person 4 $86.25 – All Access  $28.75 – All Access
Person 5 $86.25 – All Access  $28.75 – All Access
Total  $460  $316.25 ($143.75 Savings!)

Plan Features/Requirements

In order for us to offer these new Family Plans, we’ve had to make some changes regarding the user experience in order to ensure that everything is set up correctly. One of these compromises is that in order to create your family’s plan, you must have a RocPK Staff Member set it up for you either in person at the front desk, over the phone, or through email. Besides that here’s a brief overview of how these plans functions:

  • Every 3+ person Family Plan must be set up by a RocPK Staff Member
  • Every Family Plan is set to auto-renew on the 1st of every month
  • Families can set up their plan at any time and our system will prorate the memberships based on when they begin. After that, the total amount will always be billed on the 1st of the month.
  • Each family member can have their choice between a 5x, 8x, or All Access Plan
  • The highest tiered plans will always be set up ahead of lower tier plans
  • Families can upgrade or downgrade individual plans at any time during a month by RocPK Staff
  • Minimum 1 full monthly cycle – RocPK cannot set up a prorated plan and cancel it before the next bill goes through.
  • As usual, there is no set up fee, no contracts to sign, and no termination fees. Retroactive cancellations and refunds are subject to a 20% refund fee.

Fill out the form below to request more information on setting up your customized plan!

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New Gym Layout, New Gym Challenges!

Very few things in life are immutable. Here at Rochester Parkour, we’re proud to have created an environment that represents the ephemeral nature of life – things evolve, adapt, and inevitably change.

Two week ago the gym underwent another major layout redesign in time for our Summer Camps:

We’ve begun the process of creating and adding new challenges to project during Open Gym. For those of you missed our last blog post about our new workout features, click here to learn about it!

As is still the case, you’ll need to head over to our ZenPlanner site via a Mobile Browser in order for the Instagram links to work. The ZenPlanner url is listed below:


Once there, hit the “Workouts” button and then click on the day of the Open Gym to be presented with this page:

The first section you’ll see will be generic recommendations on how to spend your time during Open Gym.

This section will change semi-frequently, but it’s possible that it will be the same from one day to the next.

This section will typically have no tracking features and is basically just word text to help guide and inspire you to be creative and move on your own, however, any time you see an exercise that is bolded, it means that this exercise exists in our database and progress, reps, or scores can be tracked for them.

The second section will be where all of our challenges will be housed.

These challenges have been curated by RocPK as fun, interesting, or particularly challenging feats that are great ways to hone various skills or track progress and proficiency.

Challenges will always be accompanied by a short video that can be accessed by clicking on the blue title.

Nearly every challenge will have a full-speed view as well as a slow motion view to help you better comprehend what is involved in the challenge.

Submit Your Own Challenges!

Students may absolutely submit their own challenges to us!

Take a short video (landscape view, as little camera pan as possible, and ideally 60 frames per second or more if possible) of you completing a short challenge that isn’t already listed.

Rules for submission:

  • May only use permanent layout features of the new layout (e.g. no vault boxes, balance bars, or other piece of equipment that would need to be moved or set up)
  • Combination tasks will be considered as Challenges (e.g. Jump to Cat, Underbar to Precision, or Jump to Lache to Cat)
  • Sequence patterns incorporating 3 or more movements/skills will be considered as Movement Lines and will be given a number, if approved by RocPK
  • Movement Line submissions must be less than 8 moves long
  • Climbing challenges may be submitted so long as they can be completed in 30 seconds or less and stay in only one gym zone (e.g. a climbing course that uses the Tunnel and the new bar cage may be accepted, while a climbing course that starts at the Tunnel and continues all the way to the Rock or then to the City may be denied as it takes up too much space)

If you want to submit a challenge or movement line, find the Open Gym Supervisor and ask them to either help you video it or ask how to go about getting it in our hands so we can review it and post it.

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Introducing: Workout Tracking!

A new way to experience all that Rochester Parkour has to offer! Motivate, inspire, and track all that you do inside (and possibly outside) the gym with Zen Planner’s Workout Tracking feature set.

Currently, the full functionality is only accessible through your phone’s mobile browser because most of what we do is visual and hard to describe through text alone. In order to be able to click links and be taken to a video of a challenge, exercise, or drill, you must first head to https://rochesterparkour.zenplanner.com.

Once there, you’ll need to login to your account and you’ll be able to check any workouts that have been added to an Open Gym or other session and you can also track your own progress for any of our listed benchmarks like push ups, pull ups, max length bar hang, and many more!

We’re really excited for what this can do to enhance your experience with and at Rochester Parkour. This entire system is still in the works and there’s a lot more that we want to be able to do with it.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think about this new system or what you’d like to see added to this system to make it more accessible for you or to help motivate you more to move, progress. and become a stronger mover.

Have fun!

RocPK Staff

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A New Adventure Begins for Instructor Devin!

We’d like to take a moment today to wish our Instructor Devin a safe journey as he packs up and moves to the Mid-West to start a new career!

For those of you who didn’t know, Devin began his parkour journey right here with us something like 5 or 6 years ago as a student. He was energetic, quirky, and super talented. He brightened up any class he was in and his movement creativity inspired and awed others.

When he approached us to say that he was interested in the pursuit of becoming an instructor, we couldn’t have been more thrilled! Becoming an instructor is really challenging, arguably more so for someone who can literally just see something done and almost instantly perform it themselves, but Devin’s prowess was so quickly adapted to it. His ability to make curriculum fun but also attainable for a variety of age groups and athletic backgrounds was exceptional, to say the least. The loss of these talents will leave a void for sure.

We’re sad to see this journey come to an end, but we’re just the same proud for what he’s accomplished as a representative of Rochester Parkour. Thanks for being awesome!

Safe travels,

Charles and Nicole

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We’re Changing our Registration Software for 2018!

Dear community members,

Only a small handful of you have been around long enough to remember our first registration system, Mindbody, and all the complications that came with it. For the rest of you, your relationship with us has also required your relationship with our registration software, Frontdesk (more recently known as Pike 13). This relationship has lasted almost 5 years and began out of a request from our members for a system that was simpler to use and could more easily be integrated with the way they wished to use the system – mainly through smartphones.

The simplicity and ease of access with its responsive design came with limitations, which we accepted under the promise of its developers that updates would continue to roll out to expand its abilities and fix its bugs. We are writing now to inform you that Pike 13 has stagnated for too long and this month, we will be making the switch to a new company.

What’s going to change?

The new software is not yet live. We’re hoping to flip the switch either this week or next week, but we wanted to give you a heads up. Here’s a brief overview of everything that will change:

  • Zen Planner (new software) is fully embedded into our www.rocpk.com website (no more remembering different url’s!)
  • Interactive schedule that lets you more easily find the services you’re looking for
  • Better level system and skill tracking for all our members
  • Simpler check out procedures
  • Fully functioning Google Play Store and Apple App Store App
  • Rollover visits can no longer be a benefit of membership (new software doesn’t have it as a feature)
  • Memberships can no longer be shared (memberships must be bought separately for each person on a family account, but the prices are remaining the same)
  • Class packages can still be shared among family members, but this must be manually done by RocPK Staff

For everyone who currently has an active membership or a pass or plan, you should expect to just log in to the new system and see that nothing is different except for the Zen Planner name. Billing information will remain the same, prices remain the same, and expiration dates for previous purchases will remain the same.

What you need to do

Nothing yet.

Our TENTATIVE flip date is scheduled for this Thursday, February 1st, but there’s still some back end work that may push us back. When the change does happen, you will receive an email from Zen Planner with an automatically generated password for your new account. All you need to do is login using that password, change your password, and double check that all of our data transferred from Pike 13 correctly.

Feel free to continue reading for more specific details on these changes and to see how cool the new software is!

Meet Zen Planner

We settled on Zen Planner after months of searching and several demos from a handful of other companies in the industry because of its features, its ease of use for our customers, and the reputation of the company. It first sprouted out to serve the needs of martial arts studios which lends itself nicely for our industry as well. The dev team is not only attentive, but responsive, and we’re excited to see where they go in the future.

Details on all these Changes

Fully embedded into our website

Unlike Pike 13 which required you, our members, to leave our website or bookmark their url to be able to login to your account to enroll for classes or purchase classes, Zen Planner is completely embeddable into our www.rochesterparkour.com website. The schedule is interactive and you can pre-enroll for classes or login to your account directly from our website without ever leaving our url!

Interactive schedule view

We offer a lot of different classes, services, and events over the course of a week and it can sometimes be overwhelming to try and find the right class you’re looking for to pre-enroll into. Zen Planner makes this easier by allowing you to filter out categories of classes that you’re not interested in seeing. For example, if you were only interested in enrolling your 7 year old, you can filter out all other services except for the Kids Classes to more easily see when the classes are offered and better locate the exact one you want.

Better Level System Structure

Up until now, for our Youth and Adult members, we’ve needed to have anyone who would like to move up to Level 2 classes prove that they have learned or acquired the necessary skills and strength required for those classes by submitting a video. Given that Zen Planner grew out of the martial arts world, they have developed a back end system of skills and techniques that can be updated on every student’s profile by their instructors as they see the student make progress. When that student enrolls into a class with a different instructor, the instructor can simply click on their profile and see what the student knows already and can plan their curriculum accordingly with full clarity.

This also means that we will be removing the requirement of our current students to submit level test videos in order to move up. Students can either ask their instructor for an update on their progress or login to their account and look at their progress themselves. Level Test Video Submissions will remain in effect only for new incoming students who believe that their talents warrant them instant access into the Level 2 classes.

Simpler Checkout Procedures

Compared to the store in Pike 13, Zen Planner makes it significantly easier for our clients to understand what package or drop in passes are options for the available class service they’re trying to enroll into. Once again, this can all take place on our website every time you go to enroll into a class.

Zen Planner Smartphone App

Pike 13 was a separate url that could only be accessed by visiting it through a desktop or mobile browser. If you didn’t know the url, you needed to travel to our website first, then click through to get to the Pike 13 site. The mobile browser, while revolutionary when we saw it in 2013, is now a pain in the butt. Features and buttons periodically disappear when viewed on a mobile browser and requires an excessive amount of button clicking to do something as simple as enroll yourself or your son or daughter into a class.

Zen Planner has an extremely simple app, found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, that simply requires you to sign in with your account email and your (soon to be created) account password. From there, you can easily enroll for classes, update your profile information, purchase items, and create new accounts for family members.

Everything is a compromise

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Cheap. Fast. High Quality. Choose two.” then you know that the perfect solution we’re looking for, either doesn’t exist yet, or may never exist. This is still true with our decision to move to Zen Planner and we’d like you all to be aware of certain things that will need to change about some of our policies and procedures and understand why.

Rollover visits for Memberships: We’re listing this one first because it’s the one we’re most upset about losing. Currently, Zen Planner does not have a system in place to automatically roll over unused visits into the next month. We’ve created a feature request ticket for this feature with them and have pleaded our case as to why this is an important tool for businesses, but there is no guarantee that they will enable this feature or that they will ever begin development on it. Given our great number of people on memberships, it would be unwise for us to initiate a manual system to keep this feature, so we are regretfully going to remove this feature as a benefit of membership.

Despite this change, please remember that our facility has created our systems and policies specifically in contrast to the way big box gyms have – hiding behind mountains of paperwork, contracts, and hidden fees. No matter who you are, all RocPK clients can enter membership without signing a contract, without a registration fee, and can also cancel their membership at any time prior to their next billing date for no cancellation fee. If losing roll over visits is important enough for you to drop your monthly membership, please let us know and we can find the next best solution for you and your family.

No Shared Memberships: We’re conflicted by this change partly because the feature seems like it would be very useful, but it’s also been the source for a number of back end issues with account members who accidentally purchased memberships with the wrong people linked, or clients who purchased multiple memberships at full cost because they didn’t know to look harder at the confusing store system to see that family memberships came at a discount.

Zen Planner does not have this system in place, meaning it will both no longer be a feature nor will it be a nuisance to our members. Discounted add on memberships for families will now be listed as separate membership offerings. Additionally, Zen Planner does not have a system in place like we’ve had in the past, where some purchasable items will only be shown to current members. Rather than remove this benefit, we’ve decided to keep these membership offerings publicly available so you all can purchase them for your family members at any time and at your own convenience. This also means that it will be shown to people who do not currently have a membership plan. We’ve created some triggers in the back end of the system to alert us whenever someone purchases these add on memberships to not only double check your work and make sure the membership is set up correctly, but to also ensure that no one is scamming our system and getting a discount reserved for our amazing families.

Manually Shared Class Packages: This change is not as direct as the shared membership plans are. Instead, class packages can continue to be shared among family members, however, the linked accounts must be completed by a staff member. To help ease this process, we’ve created an automation whenever a class package is purchased to alert you all that if you would like to have multiple family members share one class package, to reply to that email with the names of the linked accounts, and one of our staff members will create the links as soon as possible.

When does this change happen?

Nicole and Charles have been working overtime on this change since mid-November! They’ve manually checked every one of our 5,000+ accounts in our database to try and make this transition as seamless as possible for you all. Ideally, when we flip the switch, all you will need to do is open the email that Zen Planner will send you (not sent yet), and log into your account with their auto-generated password for the first time, and then change your password. Downloading the Zen Planner app is not required (although it’s so amazingly easy why wouldn’t you!?). We’ve also worked diligently with our payment processors to securely transfer (through encrypted portals) everyone’s payment information. Again, ideally, all you have to do is log into your new account with Zen Planner and see that you do not have to update anything!

Our TENTATIVE flip date is scheduled for THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST!

There’s still some things we need to fine tune until then that may push this date back. We’ll keep everyone updated once we have a confirmed flip date.


5,000+ accounts is CRAZY! It’s simultaneously so incredible to see that we’ve serviced that many people in our short 7 year life span and also super overwhelming when you look at 5,000+ lines in a spreadsheet filled with numbers and letters! We’ve really worked hard to ensure that no one’s account got mixed up in the data transfer, but it is possible. Once you log in to your account, please look through your profile and double check everything in it to make sure it looks correct. If something is out of place, shoot us an email to let us know and we’ll take care of it as quickly as we can to ensure nothing affects your ability to pre-enroll for the classes you want.

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Help Wanted! We need a Front Desk Admin

Hey everyone!

Rochester Parkour is looking for a new Front Desk Admin! Someone to help with the growing number of emails and phone calls we get on a daily basis. This position currently requires 23 hours a week, with possible expansion as a class assistant. This position starts at $10/hr with expected wage increases bi-annually with good performance.

Duties include:

  • Maintaining a clean and inviting front desk area
  • Greeting and checking in members and clients for classes
  • Assisting and answering in-person questions and complications
  • Answering and returning phone calls, voicemails, emails, and all other inquiries
  • Quoting and scheduling of private events and birthday parties
  • General cleaning and maintenance of gym space and bathrooms

Front Desk Admin Requirements:

  • Must be punctual, reliable, and professionally presentable for a fitness gym setting
  • Must have own transportation
  • Prior experience as a front desk admin preferred
  • Prior experience in customer relations
  • Knowledge of Excel and Google Sheets

This Front Desk Admin position can also have supplemental hours as a Class or Birthday Party Assistant. Currently, we have 3 assistant hours per week available plus 2-6 birthday party hours when available.

Class Assistant Duties include:

  • Helping and assisting the Instructor on duty to prepare movement space for classes
  • Managing student participation
  • General spotting of specific skills and techniques as needed
  • Fostering and maintaining positive relationships with both students and parents

Class Assistant Requirements include:

  • Mandatory participation in unpaid internship (expected graduation of 3 weeks to 2 months depending on weekly time commitment)
  • Must be able to lift 70lbs
  • Must submit to a background check
  • Prior experience as practitioner or instructor in comparable fitness field/discipline


Please email your up-to-date resume and cover letter to us at info@rochesterparkour.com.

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Rochester Parkour Board Game Night!

Ours is a community filled with incredible people who come from all walks of life, bonded together through a shared love of playful movement. It makes sense that a lot of the events we coordinate revolve around that theme.

However, sometimes it’s just nice to kick it with friends and have some fun playing board games, card games, or just simply hanging out! That’s why on November 9th, we’re hosting our first Community Board Game Night!

Here’s the details:

  • Thursday, November 9th 6:30-9:30pm overlapping Adult Open Gym
  • Ages 18+
  • FREE – bring friends!
  • BYO Snacks and Drinks*
  • BYO Board Games to share (except Risk, because it’s bad AND YOU KNOW IT!)- So far we have Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Joking Hazard, Dixit, Munchkin, and Sushi Go.

This event will be overlapping the regularly scheduled Adult Open Gym. If you wish to play around, you may, but must be enrolled and have an active waiver signed. Open Gym passes will be half-off for this event. You can pre-enroll for the Open Gym using this coupon code: ROCPKGAMENIGHT.

Pre-Enroll for Game Night by clicking here!

*Please try to bring snacks that are either contained or don’t make messes so we can keep the gym looking nice! Responsible alcoholic drinking will be permitted to attendees of legal drinking age.

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RocPK’s 2016 Halloween Gorilla Gauntlet!

Halloween is coming… and so is this year’s Halloween Gorilla Gauntlet!

The Gorilla Gauntlet is an obstacle course unlike any other, designed to test your strength, speed, stamina, and skill. Rochester Parkour will be hosting two separate events – one adult course and one for kids and teens.

These courses work differently than most you’ve seen on tv or have done elsewhere. Our courses allow you to choose your own course difficulty on the fly to scale to your unique athletic ability. This means that ANYONE, regardless of athletic prowess, can participate and enjoy the challenge of our obstacle course.

Adult Gorilla Gauntlet
Friday Oct. 28th6-8pm
Ages 18+
Open to the public

Kids & Teens Gorilla Gauntlet
Sunday Oct. 30th4:30-6:30pm
Ages 6+
Ages 4+ permitted with parenthelper if actively enrolled in our Tinies classes!
Open to the public

Costumes encouraged! We are giving away prizes to the best 2; Juststeer clear of excessively loose clothing that could impede your climbing abilities! This event is free to watch and $15/person to participate. Members are only $10. Spots are limited so enroll early! See you all there!

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New Changes to the RocPK Level Test!

We’ve been working hard to figure out the best method to assess who should move up and when. We’ve tried several different methods in the past, but we are excited to announce our best solution yet!

Video Submissions

In the past, either an instructor told you that they thought you were ready to move up to Level 2 classes or you had to sign up for a Level Test. These methods were deemed impractical because they left out certain people who either didn’t feel like they were noticed or could never attend testing nights due to schedule conflicts.

Our new process will not only give you full explanation of what skills are required in order for you to prove you’re ready to move up, but it also allows anyone to do this at any time! Here’s how it works:

  1. Research and View all the skill requirements for your age group
  2. Practice these skills during Open Gym time. If you need extra assistance on a particular skill, request to your instructor that they cover it during your next class
  3. When you feel like you can perform the skill well enough for the test, take a video of you doing it! Open Gym Supervisors can help video you if you wish
  4. Clip all your videos together as one video or send them all individually using our new online submission form
  5. RocPK will look over your submission and notify you within 7 days of your submission to either let you know that you passed or what still needs work in order to pass the test

Skill Requirements

While most techniques and skills are designed to be completed by both Youth and Adults, there are some that are age specific. We’ve set up two different Imgur albums with handy Gif videos demonstrating what we’d consider as passable performances of all the required skills. These albums can be found on the Level Test page located under ‘The Gym’ tab, but we’ll also embed them below so you can see now:

Youth Level Test

Adult Level Test


We feel like this is the most complete version of the Application process to date! However, if you still have questions about the techniques or the submissions, don’t be afraid to ask your instructor or email us at info@rochesterparkour.com.

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