The Return of Adult Nerf Nights!


2 hours on Fridays 6-8pm
Restricted to fully vaccinated adults only
Blaster and shoe rentals available for $5
Online pre-enrollment mandatory
No walk ins accepted
Indoor shoes required
Ammo provided

The first Adult Nerf Night since March 2020 is now on the schedule for July 30th! Reserve a spot using this link


Geetings RocPK Nerfers!

At long last, we are excited to finally be prepared to get Nerf back on the schedule! It’s been a long time and the gym is in a completely different place than we were prior to shutdowns. We hope to be as accommodating as possible and appreciate whatever courtesy you can give us as we do our best to try and offer this amazing event as best as we are able.

The biggest new changes that you’ll notice are the price, the vaccination requirement, and the pre-enrollment policy.

As much as we wanted to keep things the same, our rent has increased, insurance costs have increased, payroll wages have increased, and taxes have increased (not to mention the exorbitant losses from last year). We still believe that $15 is highly competitive to the prices you see for other fun amusements you might choose on a Friday night. We hope that you agree.

The vaccination requirement was a decision we did not make lightly. Our parkour classes, for example, can operate with both vaccinated and unvaccinated participants. The only difference when it comes to nerf is that nerf requires eye protection and eye protection plus masks makes fogged glasses. While there are many clever solutions to get around the fogging, the chance that a solution proves inadequate and results in someone running into an object, tripping over an object, or otherwise injuring another participant is too great.

Given these challenges, all participants must be prepared to prove their fully vaccinated status on arrival to their first nerf night. Once status is approved, you will never have to prove it again. This will ensure that nerf can operate as similarly as it did to the before times when the world was magical.

Finally, in order to ensure seamless arrival and ensure that we start the event on time, we are no longer accepting walk ins to nerf nights. Participants must pre-enroll ahead of time and pay with a credit card. This one new change should drastically improve event start time and maximize the total nerf game play experience.

We know that many of our past attendees would often times pay for each other or cover each other by paying in cash at the door. As much as we wish we could continue that, the limitations of our registration system will make this practice impossible.

It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve last had a nerf night. The hobby has changed since then and we’ll be looking to make adjustments with it to match. Some of those changes include the plethora of new printed blasters and new ammo types, such as nerf hyper. RocPK will be adding hyper into the ammo types provided. The new full list of provided ammo is:

Full-length darts
Half-length darts
Rival rounds
Hyper rounds

Vortex and Mega will continue to be allowed in play, but will not be provided. Feel free to bring your own to an event, but be prepared to lose them. 

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Phases continue with Youth Classes

This week brought a slow stream of Adult members back into the gym and we had so much fun moving together. We are continuing our internal phases of Re-Opening by incorporating Youth Level 1 classes back on the schedule, as well as changes to our Training Time service! Continue reading to learn more.

Training Time changes:

  • Available to all Members ages 15+
  • Online advanced reservation required
  • Minors must be walked in by parent or legal guardian
  • Health Screen must be completed and passed before walking in the door on the day of your reservation

Service participation is being limited to new members or members who have not altered their payments. This now includes Adult Open Gym Memberships! If you have an active membership that applies, we have added Training Time access and you are now able to pre-enroll. Online reservations are required and no walk-ins will be permitted. Contact us if you’d like to re-activate your membership to access Training Time.

Youth Level 1 Classes:

  • Ages 10+
  • Available for members or $20 single visit Drop-Ins
  • Online advanced reservation required. No walk ins permitted at this time.
  • Classes capped at 5 students for now while we get our bearings. We will expand to 10 spaces in the future.
  • Minors must be walked in by parent or legal guardian each day
  • All forms and Health Screen must be completed and passed before walking in the door on the day of your reservation, otherwise class participation will not be permitted.
  • Please limit family members present during student drop off/pick up. Loitering in our lobby/lounge during class is not an option at this time due to occupancy limitations put on by our health department.

Phase 2 Reopening Schedule changes:

Still in flux. Note that Youth class attendance will be capped at 5 slots temporarily while we get our bearings. We will be expanding the class size over time:




  • 5-6pm Training Time
  • 6-6:45pm Youth Level 1 class
  • 6-6:45pm Adult Level 1 class
  • 7-7:45pm Adult Level 2 class
  • 8-8:45pm Mobility class
  • 7-8:45pm Training Time


  • 5-6pm Training Time
  • 6-6:45pm Youth Level 1 class
  • 6-6:45pm Adult Level 1 class
  • 7-7:45pm Movement Circuits class
  • 8-8:45pm Mobility class
  • 7-8:45pm Training Time


  • 5-6pm Training Time
  • 6-6:45pm Youth Level 1 class
  • 6-6:45pm Adult Level 2 class
  • 7-7:45pm Strength class
  • 8-8:45pm Mobility class
  • 7-8:45pm Training Time




  • 1-1:45pm Adult Level 1 class
  • 2-2:45pm Strength class
  • 3-3:45pm Mobility class
  • 1-4pm Training Time



What is Training Time?

Given the complications that surround movement based indoor activities and social distancing requirements, we’ve created something like what Open Gym was, but with more structure. We want to bring Open Gym back as quickly as possible, but since we don’t have a time frame as to when that will be, we’re excited to introduce Training Time!

During Training Time hours, members may sign up for available spots in hour long brackets. Due to space restrictions, we are asking members to only sign up for a maximum of 2 back-to-back slots per day to ensure access to as many other members as possible.

The gym will be segmented into 5 movement zones, each with their own borders, movement obstacles, and participant volumes. Zones will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Travel between zones will be overseen by the gym supervisor, and at times, not permitted.

See you soon!

We are re-evaluating, planning, and implementing each and every day. Operating a business through Covid times is an always developing challenge. Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to navigate and adapt.

<3 RocPK

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