The Rochester Nerf War Arena!

The best Nerf War experience you’ll find in the Rochester area!

Our arena is located inside the beautiful Rochester Parkour Gym, which means every wall can be climbed and every barricade is sturdy enough for both kids and adults. No one else can deliver the kinds of fun you’ll have running around dodging darts, hiding inside our bunkers, and flanking the enemy using our barricades.

Adult Nerf Wars

  • Ages 15+

  • Rivals and Elite Blasters Permitted

  • Superstock (light mods allowed up to 130fps)

  • All ammo provided

  • Rent an Apollo for $2 or an Artemis for $5

  • Indoor Shoes & Eyewear required

  • $10 per person

Youth Rival Wars

  • Ages 10+

  • Nerf Rival blasters permitted

  • Rent an Apollo for $2 or an Artemis for $5

  • All Rival Rounds provided

  • Indoor Shoes & Eyewear Required

  • $10 per person