What is Parkour?

It’s not a performance, it’s a lifestyle!

There is no gold medal to achieve and there are no judges. Perfection is a loose concept and practitioners can carry themselves as far as they wish to go.

 At RocPK, you will begin by learning basic skills such as balance, vaults, swinging, and jumping and then you will expand on them under ever more complex situations. A parkour athlete may not be able to do everything at first, but their ability to adapt themselves quickly is what defines one.

Safety First!

Parkour is one of the safest discipline’s a person can apply themselves to. While there are coaches, a practitioner is the sole controller of what they do or do not do. There is no equipment to buy or no variables that the practitioner cannot control. This means that given the proper instruction, you can progress without ever succumbing to injury because there will be no situation where a skateboard slips underneath you, a ball impacts you, or another player hits you in a joint not designed for that kind of hit.

 Please take the time to watch this demonstration of a parkour athlete moving through an environment: