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Weekly Curriculum Dec 9 to 16

Only 2 weeks until Chanukah and Christmas! RocPK Gift Cards make great gifts… Jus’ sayin’ 😀

Fun things on the curriculum this week:

  • Tuesday’s Lvl2 is centered on Dash vaults and Dash c-c-c-combos
  • Wednesday’s Movement Circuits is perpetual vaults! You’re gonna vault the world!!!
  • Thursday’s Level 1 is all about rail vaults. Same vaults as always, but on an object that’s only 1.5″ wide. Great for all skill levels here. Strength class is going to be a 10 to 1. Get wrecked!
  • Saturday’s Level 2 is laches and bar swings.
  • Sunday’s Level 1 focus is Step Switches. Don’t know what they are? Don’t skip this class!
  • Monday’s Acro is keeping on with the backward focus and will be Back Tucks with me (Charlie)! For those who have their back tucks already, we’ll be working up to linking our tucks out of round offs, back handsprings, and scoots.

Also, VIP Party is coming up. It’s a private grand opening celebrating our new space and the wonderful members that it houses. Nicole and I will be making all the food from scratch.


  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Constant Motion
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Back Hand Springs
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Dash Vaults
  • 7pm Level 2 Time Trials: Open Format
  • 5:30pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Perpetual Vaults
  • 7:30pm Level 1 Skill: Climbing Statics
  • 6pm Level 1 Skill: Bar Step Vaults
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Dive Catches
  • 7pm Strength: 10 to 1
  • 8pm Mobility: Hips
  • 11am Level 1 Skill: Climbing Dynamics
  • 1pm Level 2 Skill: Bar Swings
  • 1pm Level 1 Skill: Step Switches & Traveling Step Vaults
  • 2pm Strength: Dynamics
  • 3pm Mobility: Shoulders
  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Perpetual Add-On
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Backflips
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Weekly Curriculum – Dec 2 to Dec 9

I hope your Turkey Day was restful and delicious. Note scheduled closures for the Christmas and New Years holidays.

Fun things on the curriculum this week:

  • Tonight’s Movement Circuits is Level Changes to get your heart pumping.
  • Tuesday’s Time Trial’s slaloms course will be vault filled to get your body moving.
  • Wednesday’s Level 1 is creative combos. Movement focuses include monkey turns and cartwheels.
  • Thursday’s Level 2 is going to be filled with jumping and swinging challenges plus pop vaults in Level 1.
  • Saturday’s Level 1 is contralateral vaults like step vaults and thief vaults. Josh has some fun thief vault dismounts planned.
  • Sunday’s Strength is chalk full of stability focused drills.
  • Next Monday’s Acrobatics class will be guest taught by yours truly.

Be sure to check out our VIP party happening on December 21st. If you weren’t able to get tickets during our initial fundraiser over the summer, nows your chance to join in the community fun.


  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Low Impact Level Changes
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Bkicks/Btwists
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Contralateral Vaults
  • 7pm Level 2 Time Trials: Slaloms
  • 5:30pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Groundwork
  • 7:30pm Level 1 Skill: Creative Combos
  • 6pm Level 1 Skill: Stems
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Creative Challenges
  • 7pm Strength: Parkour Movements
  • 8pm Mobility: Back/Trunk
  • 11am Level 1 Skill: Contralateral Vaults
  • 1pm Level 2 Skill: Bilateral Vaults
  • 1pm Level 1 Skill: Pop Vaults – 2 foot vs 1 foot
  • 2pm Strength: Stability Focus
  • 3pm Mobility: Forgotten Body Parts
  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Constant Motion
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Backhand Springs
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Weekly Currciulum – July 15 – 21

  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Perpetual Vaults
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Side/Front Flips
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Climbing Dynamics
  • 7pm Level 2 Time Trials: Lava
  • 5:30pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Perpetual Add-On
  • 7:30pm Level 1 Skill: Vertical Jumps
  • 6pm Level 1 Skill: Bilateral Vaults
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Climbing Cat Turns
  • 7pm Strength: 3-5 Round Intensity Circuit
  • 8pm Mobility: Back Mobility
  • 11am Level 1 Skill: Creative Combos
  • 1pm Level 2 Skill: Acro Vaults
  • 1pm Level 1 Skill: Creative Courses
  • 2pm Strength: Low Intensity Volume Circuit
  • 3pm Mobility: Hip Focus
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Ladies’ Hour: Movie Night Potluck

Ladies, mark your calendars! Next Tuesday, September 18th, Ladies’ Hour will culminate with a Movie Night & Potluck event!

Come train with us from 8-9pm and then stick around for yummy snacks and movement oriented movies until around 10pm or so.

Email your potluck bring along to nicole@rochesterparkour.com

See you soon!

Location: 121 Lincoln Ave
Time: 8 – 9pm Ladies’ Hour Class
9 – 10pm Movie/Potluck
Cost: $15 Class + potluck yummies

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Ladies Hour this Tuesday

Women of Rochester! Join us at the Rochester Parkour Gym for Ladies Hour. this Tuesday from 8-9pm. We will be focusing on creative movement this week. So spread the word and bring a friend. This class is for women only.  See you soon!

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Ladies’ Hour!


Hello Lovely Ladies out there,

The Rochester Parkour Gym is offering a new hour slot specifically for women! Ladies’ Hour will be held on Tuesday evenings from 8-9pm and run by Nicole Suchy. This time slot will be completely male-free and dedicated to building confidence through movement, connecting with your fellow women-practitioners, and just having fun. Come get strong through play! No experience required, just a good attitude.

Officially begins THIS Tuesday, May 1st. See you then!

Questions? Email Nicole Suchy:


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1 Year Anniversary!

Saturday Event Reminder!

THIS Saturday, April 21st, Rochester Parkour will be celebrating the Gym’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Join us at the Gym, 121 Lincoln Ave, to celebrate with us. Here’s the schedule of events:

2pm- 5pm

Ninja Warrior Competition (Competitors Fee $10, FREE to watch)

Refreshments Provided to all!


1-Year Anniversary Celebration

Collaboration Mural Showcase with Make Your MARC

RocPK Performance Video Screening from the RIT Juggle-In Public Show

Food, Fun, and Open Training! (Under 18 will need parent supervision and/or Liability Waiver)


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Upcoming Events!

Save the Date! – Two, to be exact.

For the next two Saturdays, Rochester Parkour has some pretty exciting events going on in place of the Saturday open jam session. Make sure to mark your calendars and come support our wonderful community members.

THIS Saturday, April 14th, at 7:30pm

A group of Rochester Parkour members are going to be showing off their skills on stage during the RIT Juggle In Public Show! For Public Show details check out the Juggle In website. The location for the show is Rush Henrietta High School and doors will open at 7:10pm. Tickets are $15 at the door, but if you stop by the RIT Juggle In fest, you can purchase tickets for $12. Rochester Parkour will be hanging out at the Juggle In fest from 2-4pm (Which is FREE). We have been working hard and perfecting our routine, so we’d love to see you there!

For directions to both the Juggle in and the Performance click Here.


NEXT Saturday, April 21st, from 2-8pm

Rochester Parkour is celebrating the Gym’s 1-Year Anniversary!! Join us for refreshments, fun, friends and games! Joint festivities will be held with Make Your MARC in honor of the community mural collaboration. The event is also on Facebook. Here’s the break down:

2-5pm Ninja Warrior Competition (Free to watch. $10 Competitors Fee.)

5-8pm 1-Year Anniversary & Mural Debut Celebration (Family Friendly!)

If you would like to help distribute flyers, come by the gym and grab some. We’d much appreciate it.

See you soon!


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RocPK Mural Needs a Name!

Please send your ideas to marcmurals@gmail.com, leave them in the comments below, or tell us at the gym!

We will be compiling everyones input into a few great choices. Then we’ll vote!

If you haven’t already, stop by the gym and paint your name on the wall!!

If you would like to hear more about the Make Your MARC mural project, visit make-your-marc.com.


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Community Mural Painting!

Starting tomorrow and continuing into March, RocPK will be undergoing some much needed refurbishments. One of the main points of interest is some fresh paint on the walls! Nicole Suchy has been working hard and has created a new program called Make Your MARC – Mural Arts in the Rochester Community. Her program will be paying for us to put up a super amazing mural on one of our walls. This will be a community event! We want you to come and make your own mark on the RocPK walls. Here are the dates:

Optional Events:

  • Thursday March 1st 5:30-8:30pm – Grid and begin to draw design on the wall
  • Friday March 2nd 3-7pm – Finish drawing design on wall

Big Community Event!

  • Saturday March 3rd 2-6pm– Awesome community paint-by-numbers mural, painting of the surrounding walls and I-beams

Optional days before the March 3rd community event are days when Nicole will be working and outside help isn’t required, but very much appreciated! We want everyone to at least make it out to the March 3rd event – parkour breaks are encouraged and there will be food and drinks!

Questions? Email Nicole at marcmurals@gmail.com

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