I hope your Turkey Day was restful and delicious. Note scheduled closures for the Christmas and New Years holidays.

Fun things on the curriculum this week:

  • Tonight’s Movement Circuits is Level Changes to get your heart pumping.
  • Tuesday’s Time Trial’s slaloms course will be vault filled to get your body moving.
  • Wednesday’s Level 1 is creative combos. Movement focuses include monkey turns and cartwheels.
  • Thursday’s Level 2 is going to be filled with jumping and swinging challenges plus pop vaults in Level 1.
  • Saturday’s Level 1 is contralateral vaults like step vaults and thief vaults. Josh has some fun thief vault dismounts planned.
  • Sunday’s Strength is chalk full of stability focused drills.
  • Next Monday’s Acrobatics class will be guest taught by yours truly.

Be sure to check out our VIP party happening on December 21st. If you weren’t able to get tickets during our initial fundraiser over the summer, nows your chance to join in the community fun.


  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Low Impact Level Changes
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Bkicks/Btwists
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Contralateral Vaults
  • 7pm Level 2 Time Trials: Slaloms
  • 5:30pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Groundwork
  • 7:30pm Level 1 Skill: Creative Combos
  • 6pm Level 1 Skill: Stems
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Creative Challenges
  • 7pm Strength: Parkour Movements
  • 8pm Mobility: Back/Trunk
  • 11am Level 1 Skill: Contralateral Vaults
  • 1pm Level 2 Skill: Bilateral Vaults
  • 1pm Level 1 Skill: Pop Vaults – 2 foot vs 1 foot
  • 2pm Strength: Stability Focus
  • 3pm Mobility: Forgotten Body Parts
  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Constant Motion
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Backhand Springs