New Class! Acro Basics!

Community members,

Wednesdays are about to get a whole lot more interesting with a new class service being added called Acro Basics! This class will be taught by the incredible Joshua Hale and is designed to help guide new students looking to begin their journey into the world of Tricking and Acrobatics. Here are the details and if you’re interested in learning more about this class, read on.

Wednesday Schedule Changes Effective 12/8:

Adult Movement Circuits 7pm-7:45pm 6pm-6:45pm
Acro Basics 7pm-7:45pm
Strength 8pm-8:45pm

Important to note for those who remember the old Acro Class and how it operated, this is not a return of that class. The old Acro Class was attached as a part of our Level 2 program and focused on much more dynamic and complex flips and tricks such as front and back flips, handsprings, corkscrews, and other more advanced acrobatics. We are hopeful to bring that class back to the schedule at some point in the near future and this new beginner friendly offering is a part of that overall plan.

By contrast, Acro Basics is being added to our Adult Level 1 program to serve as a gateway for those looking for more guided and structured curriculum to both learn and reaffirm acrobatic techniques as well as conditioning drills to open the way for more dynamic acrobatic tricks for students looking to learn those. This class will be tailored more for beginners. Here is a brief list of what to expect:

  • Cartwheels
  • Handstands
  • Tricker Kicks (Crescent, Front, Side, Hook, Round, Tornado, Pop 3)
  • Transitions (Scoot, Machine Scoot, Blaster Scoot, Macaco)
  • Butterfly Kicks
  • Tricker Aerials
  • Sweeps

This class will include both on and off AirTrack learning, but students looking to join should always come prepared to use the AirTrack with appropriate attire (soft clothing, socks – grippy socks recommended, but not required, no hard objects such as zippers, rivets, buttons, stud earrings, belt buckles). However there will be a lot of exploration of creative tricking skills learned and applied in our regular movement space.

Additionally, this class will be operating in a similar hybrid age fashion like our Strength and Mobility classes and will be available to our Youth Level 2 students who wish to join.

If you have any other questions about this new class offering you can send us an email to or give us a call at 585.204.7537.

Come get your acro on!


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Mask Policy Updates August 2021

Dear RocPK Community,

Today it was announced by the Monroe County Health Department that our county has surpassed the threshold of “substantial transmission” of COVID-19. As a result, Monroe County is now recommending residents wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Given this new information, RocPK will revert to requiring masks for all participants inside the facility for all services, regardless of vaccination status. No other changes will be reverted at this time, meaning we will not be lowering our enrollment caps, observing distancing, or restricting lounge access. This change will go into effect tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3rd.

As of today’s notices, Monroe County crossed into the “substantial transmission” category by 0.02 cases. It’s expected that this number will increase in the following two weeks, but quick action now can help ensure that we fall below this threshold as quickly as possible.

Reminders: masks must be double-layered and snug fitting. Bandanas, gaiters, vents, or otherwise loosely fitting masks are not permitted. 

While this announcement might seem like a giant step backward, putting masks back on is a really simple and easy action that has the potential to make a huge impact. After all, it’s also something our kids have been doing this whole time. We will continue to monitor this situation closely as it evolves and will update these policies as new data become available.

See you in the gym!


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We Asked, You Answered – Gym Policy Updates

Dear RocPK Community,

With the recent news last week from Governor Cuomo ending all State mandates on businesses, we were forced to do a lot of thinking on how to best move forward and update gym policies. It ended up being harder than we thought so we crafted an anonymous survey and sent it out to our long-term patrons to ask for their honest thoughts on the matter.

Your answers were extremely informative as well as diverse. Thank you to all who added in their comments to help us land on these changes.

Before we list our updates, it’s pertinent to again state the imposition we’re put in as a small business. As we are currently, the gym remains completely unsustainable. We’ve lasted this long because there exist some extremely amazing families in our community that have financially assisted the gym to give it this chance of survival. Government programs have made up the difference, but those are slated to end in the upcoming weeks.

Given the wide range in diverse answers, any policy changes we make will likely make it seem like we’re alienating some of you. Our goal is to maximize the safe space opportunity for as many of you as possible. We apologize if any of these changes feel like an act against you or your family. We are trying the absolute best we can.

With that said, effective immediately, here are some adjustments to the way our gym will operate:


  • Masks are required for unvaccinated patrons
    • This policy is obviously the most contentious and likely to cause some of you concern. Almost every comment mentioned this in some form or fashion, but the truth remains that an overwhelming majority of RocPK members feel more comfortable with this policy for the time being.

      There was an overwhelming majority support for our continuing to ask for proof of vaccination status in order to unmask. We will continue doing so for the time being as well.

      For as long as we require masks for those who have no ability to become fully vaccinated, RocPK Instructors will continue to wear their masks in solidarity when running those services.

  • Distancing is no longer required
    • Maintaining social distance has always been the biggest struggle for our unique gym experience. Our classes revolve around movement and our objects make distancing even more of a challenge. This one policy ha