Dear RocPK Community,

Today it was announced by the Monroe County Health Department that our county has surpassed the threshold of “substantial transmission” of COVID-19. As a result, Monroe County is now recommending residents wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Given this new information, RocPK will revert to requiring masks for all participants inside the facility for all services, regardless of vaccination status. No other changes will be reverted at this time, meaning we will not be lowering our enrollment caps, observing distancing, or restricting lounge access. This change will go into effect tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3rd.

As of today’s notices, Monroe County crossed into the “substantial transmission” category by 0.02 cases. It’s expected that this number will increase in the following two weeks, but quick action now can help ensure that we fall below this threshold as quickly as possible.

Reminders: masks must be double-layered and snug fitting. Bandanas, gaiters, vents, or otherwise loosely fitting masks are not permitted. 

While this announcement might seem like a giant step backward, putting masks back on is a really simple and easy action that has the potential to make a huge impact. After all, it’s also something our kids have been doing this whole time. We will continue to monitor this situation closely as it evolves and will update these policies as new data become available.

See you in the gym!