Dearest RocPK Members,

I’ll cut right to it: It’s been almost 5 years since we last made changes to our pricing structure. Much has changed in that time frame, from doubling our staff, expanding our service offerings, investing in some incredible new equipment, and obviously, moving into our amazing new location. 

In the same way, our expenses have also changed. Minimum wage, for example, was still $9.25/hour when we last changed prices and just underwent a final annual increase to $12.50. Our health insurance premiums have increased nearly 35%, liability insurance premiums have risen 31%, and our rent has increased 58%. Inflation is also a reality that we are all subject to. Through all of that, we’ve managed to grow without upping our prices. 

There’s really no easy way to write letters like this, so let me just say, I think we’ve come up with a win-win for all of us in the Rochester Parkour community. With these price increases, we’ll also be initiating some updates on how memberships function to improve usability. These changes will be initiated on February 1st 2020.

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our community in the last 5 years and we think there’s some simple changes that can be made to make the Rochester Parkour Gym more affordable and accessible to all use-cases. 

First, some of you may have noticed we no longer advertise “Upgraded Memberships”. Part of our pricing changes means making our available options more streamlined and less confusing. We now only offer three types of monthly membership plans: Open Gym, Basic, and All Access Membership.

2020 Membership prices are as follows:

Open Gym Membership


Basic Membership


All Access Membership


Drop in prices and packages will see no change.

Open Gym Drop In


Class Drop In


10 Class Package


Rather than just increase prices with no change in membership function, we’ve decided to revise the membership experience and make it more adaptable to varying schedules. 

Notable Usability Changes:

Open Gym Plan members will now be considered as full-fledged members and will gain access to Member discounts on events and services. Additionally, Open Gym Memberships will now qualify for Family Member Discounts**.

**Please note: Open Gym Memberships are designed for adult use. We will continue to deny access to an Open Gym Membership to anyone under the age of 18 who has not been an active enrollee into class based services.

All Members will now be given the option to join additional classes for just $10 rather than the $20 that it was previously. An Open Gym Member can join any class service for just $10. A Basic Member could join a 6th class for just $10. 

Strength and Mobility Classes will still be classified as “Fitness Classes” and will be subject to the original Drop In class rate ($20/each). However, Open Gym Members will be able to attend for the new 50% off rate of $10/each.

Basic and All Access Members will gain access to all Strength and Mobility classes for free. Basic Members will no longer use one of their five classes by enrolling into any Fitness class.

The Zen Planner mobile app was recently updated to make the workouts function of the software easier to access. All members are now able to use the ZP mobile app to search through our database of exercises, skills, techniques, and gym challenges. Additionally, links to videos for each exercise, skill, technique, and gym challenge have been fixed and are now clickable through the app.

Over the next couple months, RocPK Staff will be at work updating and creating our ZP Workouts database to include nearly everything that is possible in the gym with a corresponding video. We believe these changes will help our members feel more empowered and feel less aimless during their open time at the gym.

Although membership prices are increasing, the value proposition and benefits are still clear. Basic tier members who come to 5 classes and 4 open gyms per month are still accessing a value of $140/month for only $90. All Access Members who come to 8 classes and 4 open gyms per month are accessing a value of $200/month for only $120 (and some members are even getting more value!).

Additionally – and maybe even more importantly – we want to acknowledge the fact that ever since the beginning of Rochester Parkour, anytime we’ve implemented pricing changes, we’ve offered our current enrollees the benefit of grandfathered rates. As a thanks for your continued patronage, whatever price you were paying before the price jump would stay so long as you kept your membership active. Some of you have quite literally maintained your original membership for over 7 years!

We think it’s high time to just codify these benefits in stone and call it what it is:

The RocPK Loyalty Program

Membership is a partnership between us as a business and you as the community it serves. Discounts are a way for us to say, “Thanks for making our lives easier when we buy equipment, sign lease contracts, or hire employees.” Memberships are what gives us a small glimmer of stability in an unstable world. 

Most businesses in the fitness industry force that stability with annual contracts. Our approach is to earn that stability with our amazing service and environment. We refuse the practice of these legally binding annual contracts. 

Instead, we’re going to start granting discounts to any member who chooses to maintain their membership payments for extended periods of time. Here’s what it looks like:

New Member

$0Monthly discount

RocPK Select Member

$5Monthly discount

RocPK Sustaining Member

$20Monthly discount

There are some limitations that need to exist in order for us to offer these discounts. As a rule, we only allow one discount to be applied per membership, which is to say, these loyalty discounts can only be applied on full priced memberships. Add-On Memberships for families don’t apply, but will still receive our incredible 25%, 50%, and 75% discounts. Placing your membership on hold or cancelling for any reason will reset your loyalty status back to 0. More information on how this program will operate is set to come out in an upcoming blog post, so be on the lookout for that. 

To finish up this long-winded letter, as a show of gratitude for all of you current RocPK Members, we’ve decided to initiate this new Loyalty Program retroactively. Anyone who has a current membership by January 31st, 2020 will automatically be bumped into the RocPK Select tier and receive their $5/month discount. Any member who has been on membership for 2+ years (by January 31st)  will automatically be placed into the RocPK Sustaining Member tier.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided in this post, you can call us at 585.204.7537, write to us at, or you can find us in the gym and ask in person. 

Operating the Rochester Parkour Gym has been a huge honor for all of us who work here. We want you to know that this gym can only brag about being one of the longest running Parkour gyms in the nation because of the amazing community here.

None of this would be possible without you. 

None of this would be worth it without you.