Dearest RocPK Members,

I’ll cut right to it: It’s been almost 5 years since we last made changes to our pricing structure. Much has changed in that time frame, from doubling our staff, expanding our service offerings, investing in some incredible new equipment, and obviously, moving into our amazing new location. 

In the same way, our expenses have also changed. Minimum wage, for example, was still $9.25/hour when we last changed prices and just underwent a final annual increase to $12.50. Our health insurance premiums have increased nearly 35%, liability insurance premiums have risen 31%, and our rent has increased 58%. Inflation is also a reality that we are all subject to. Through all of that, we’ve managed to grow without upping our prices. 

There’s really no easy way to write letters like this, so let me just say, I think we’ve come up with a win-win for all of us in the Rochester Parkour community. With these price increases, we’ll also be initiating some updates on how memberships function to improve usability. These changes will be initiated on February 1st 2020.

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our community in the last 5 years and we think there’s some simple changes that can be made to make the Rochester Parkour Gym more affordable and accessible to all use-cases. 

First, some of you may have noticed we no longer advertise “Upgraded Memberships”. Part of our pricing changes means making our available options more streamlined and less confusing. We now only offer three types of monthly membership plans: Open Gym, Basic, and All Access Membership.

2020 Membership prices are as follows: