Triple digit people walked through our doors yesterday for the Grand Re-Opening! That’s never happened!!!

We’re so excited for what’s to come in 2020. Thanks to everyone who made it out and moved around. Also, for those who missed it, 1v1 Lava Tag WAS INCREDIBLE!!! That was a dream come true for me. I can’t wait to do it again and maybe have more time devoted to matches.

Fun things on the curriculum this week:

  • Tonight’s Acro is happening right now because I’m posting this late 🙁 Have fun doing Bkicks and Btwists!
  • Tuesday’s Time Trial’s will be slalom themed with very few actual flags. Lot’s of opportunity for quickness
  • Wednesday’s Movement Circuits is groundwork. Prepare for hip rolls!
  • Thursday’s Level 2 is Muscle Ups focus. If you still need work getting your first muscle up, don’t miss this. If you do have a muscle up, don’t miss it. You’ll be tasked with a movement line that incorporates it.
  • Saturday’s Level 2 is Bilateral vaults. Probably kongs. But maybe dashes? Who knows?!
  • Sunday’s Strength is a 10 to 1. Get wrecked!



  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Level Changes
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Bkicks and Btwists
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Contralateral Vaults
  • 7pm Level 2 Time Trials: Slaloms
  • 5:30pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Groundwork
  • 7:30pm Level 1 Skill: Wall Passes
  • 6pm Level 1 Skill: Creative Games
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Muscle Ups
  • 7pm Strength: Intensity Circuit
  • 8pm Mobility: Shoulder Activations
  • 11am Level 1 Skill: Contralateral Vaults
  • 1pm Level 2 Skill: Bilateral Vaults – Kongs or Dashes
  • 1pm Level 1 Skill: Shoulder Rolls
  • 2pm Strength: 10 to 1
  • 3pm Mobility: Full body rolling