We’d like to take a moment today to wish our Instructor Devin a safe journey as he packs up and moves to the Mid-West to start a new career!

For those of you who didn’t know, Devin began his parkour journey right here with us something like 5 or 6 years ago as a student. He was energetic, quirky, and super talented. He brightened up any class he was in and his movement creativity inspired and awed others.

When he approached us to say that he was interested in the pursuit of becoming an instructor, we couldn’t have been more thrilled! Becoming an instructor is really challenging, arguably more so for someone who can literally just see something done and almost instantly perform it themselves, but Devin’s prowess was so quickly adapted to it. His ability to make curriculum fun but also attainable for a variety of age groups and athletic backgrounds was exceptional, to say the least. The loss of these talents will leave a void for sure.

We’re sad to see this journey come to an end, but we’re just the same proud for what he’s accomplished as a representative of Rochester Parkour. Thanks for being awesome!

Safe travels,

Charles and Nicole