Dear community members,

Only a small handful of you have been around long enough to remember our first registration system, Mindbody, and all the complications that came with it. For the rest of you, your relationship with us has also required your relationship with our registration software, Frontdesk (more recently known as Pike 13). This relationship has lasted almost 5 years and began out of a request from our members for a system that was simpler to use and could more easily be integrated with the way they wished to use the system – mainly through smartphones.

The simplicity and ease of access with its responsive design came with limitations, which we accepted under the promise of its developers that updates would continue to roll out to expand its abilities and fix its bugs. We are writing now to inform you that Pike 13 has stagnated for too long and this month, we will be making the switch to a new company.

What’s going to change?

The new software is not yet live. We’re hoping to flip the switch either this week or next week, but we wanted to give you a heads up. Here’s a brief overview of everything that will change:

  • Zen Planner (new software) is fully embedded into our website (no more remembering different url’s!)
  • Interactive schedule that lets you more easily find the services you’re looking for
  • Better level system and skill tracking for all our members
  • Simpler check out procedures
  • Fully functioning Google Play Store and Apple App Store App
  • Rollover visits can no longer be a benefit of membership (new software doesn’t have it as a feature)
  • Memberships can no longer be shared (memberships must be bought separately for each person on a family account, but the prices are remaining the same)
  • Class packages can still be shared among family members, but this must be manually done by RocPK Staff

For everyone who currently has an active membership or a pass or plan, you should expect to just log in to the new system and see that nothing is different except for the Zen Planner name. Billing information will remain the same, prices remain the same, and expiration dates for previous purchases will remain the same.

What you need to do

Nothing yet.

Our TENTATIVE flip date is scheduled for this Thursday, February 1st, but there’s still some back end work that may push us back. When the change does happen, you will receive an email from Zen Planner with an automatically generated password for your new account. All you need to do is login using that password, change your password, and double check that all of our data transferred from Pike 13 correctly.

Feel free to continue reading for more specific details on these changes and to see how cool the new software is!

Meet Zen Planner

We settled on Zen Planner after months of searching and several demos from a handful of other companies in the industry because of its features, its ease of use for our customers, and the reputation of the company. It first sprouted out to serve the needs of martial arts studios which lends itself nicely for our industry as well. The dev team is not only attentive, but responsive, and we’re excited to see where they go in the future.

Details on all these Changes

Fully embedded into our website

Unlike Pike 13 which required you, our members, to leave our website or bookmark their url to be able to login to your account to enroll for classes or purchase classes, Zen Planner is completely embeddable into our website. The schedule is interactive and you can pre-enroll for classes or login to your account directly from our website without ever leaving our url!