Please be prepared with your well fitted masks (bandannas, vents, single layer cloth, and gaiters are not allowed) that do not require manual adjusting to remain covering your nose, mouth, chin. All individuals inside the facility will follow these masking policies, regardless of vaccination status.
Students will also need their own indoor training shoes (a pair of tennis shoes that have been cleaned off and not worn outside since cleaning). You can change into these once you get checked in with us at the front desk in the gym.
We don’t believe in 10-week long sessions or locking you into a specific class time. You can enroll for any class that suits your schedule and you can either buy one class at a time or sign up for memberships to receive better benefits.

Because of our Open Enrollment system and in order to keep our educational environment high quality, all classes are capped after a certain number of students enroll. We require our students to Pre-Enroll for their classes so that we can guarantee them a space and also so that the instructor on duty can properly tailor the class curriculum for that night to suit them. Kids, Youth & Adult class registration closes 2 hours prior to the start of class time.

If a particular class is booked, don’t worry! You can still sign up for a slot on the wait list. If/when a person on the main roster cancels, you will be pushed in from the wait list and will receive an email notification letting you know that you have a space in that class.