Movement for All

The Rochester Parkour Gym houses the best and brightest movement instructors in the Western, NY region. Our class curriculum is known nationwide for its excellence in bringing safe, effective, and high-quality parkour and ninja warrior education to the Rochester community. 

We offer a wide variety of classes and services for almost any age. Our instructors can show you how to do things that you’ve never even dreamed would be possible! Even more than that though, you and your kids will learn that working out and getting fit doesn’t need to be boring or tedious. Movement is fun and we make getting fit fun! Look through our offerings and find the right class for you. We’ll be so excited to see you!

Adult Classes

Ages 15-65

Expert instruction. Friendly, inviting atmosphere. Fun fitness!

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Youth Classes

Ages 10-14

Skills and techniques that get your pre-teens and teens excited about fitness!

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Kids Classes

Ages 6-9

Parkour, Ninja Warrior, and Obstacle Coursing done right!

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Tiny Kid Classes

Ages 3-5

The cutest of all of our classes!

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Fitness Classes

Ages 13-65

Easy to learn exercises, taught by a Certified Strength Coach