Want to give back to your team of employees?

Want to also improve your team’s efficiency and problem solving capabilities?


Book a Company Workshop today for your employees and see how your team can not only have a fun day out, but also get better at what they do! Teams need to work together to achieve goals and overcome challenges – but a team is only as useful as its weakest member. Parkour is the discipline of overcoming obstacles…any obstacle! While the training may seem limited to physical capabilities, people who train parkour also become more confident, have higher self-esteem, and are more able to think critically and problem solve. On top of that, parkour is fun!

Got a lofty sales target or important quarterly report coming up? Set your team up for success the right and fun way by taking them out for a workshop with Rochester Parkour! This isn’t just a team building exercise. Parkour will help your employees learn how to say, “I can do this” and by extension, “We can do this.”

Workshops can be set up in the office, out in a park, or at the RocPK gym.

Email Workshops@RochesterParkour.com today and get your team on the path of overcoming obstacles!