RocPK Events

Nerf Gun Battles!

What’s more fun than parkour? Parkour plus Nerf Guns! We offer a selection of Nerf events designed for kids, adults, and families. Game play varies from event to event, but most events incorporate Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, VIP, and Zombie battles. Each event has special rules, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive important information regarding each new monthly event.

The Gorilla Guantlet!

Similar to NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, the Gorilla Gauntlet is an obstacle course like none other. We custom design each one to be unique and rather than focus on designing courses that are nearly impossible to finish, we create courses that challenge competitors to be creative and apply themselves on the fly to complete the course as quickly as possible! Check out the video to see our last GG event!

Lava Tag!

Lava Tag events come in both family-friendly and competitive variants. The changing landscape of the gym offers a fun environmental challenge at each new event. Family events are open to all past and present kids plus their parents/siblings if they wish. Competitions are restricted to adults 17+ and involve 1 Chaser vs 1 Evader. Points are awarded based on time and the person with the most points at the end of the event wins! Be on the lookout for our next Lava Tag Event!