Gym Policies

General Policy Overview –

  • Tiny Movers is for ages 3-5, Kids Parkour is for ages 6-9, Youth is for ages 10-14, Ages 15+ is Adult level 1 or equivalent. Students wishing to attend Level 2 classes must meet level test requirements (found here). Level 3 classes are invite only.
  • We have an “indoor shoe” policy and everyone will be required to change into a pair of clean, dry shoes (no dirt or rocks or gunk in the treads, not worn outside since cleaning) once they enter the gym.
  • Pre enrollment required for Classes (otherwise $3.00 door fee); Open Gym pre-enrollment encouraged
  • Students under the age of 18 must first attend a class before attending their age appropriate open gym

Indoor Shoe Policy –

All clients will be expected to remove their shoes upon entering in our lobby area (by the door) and change into a pair of clean/dry indoor only shoes that have not been worn outside since cleaning. Parents may bring a change of shoes for themselves as well or may walk over with socks only to the lounge. We have community slippers for use to access the bathrooms.

Open Gym Policy –

All students under 18 must first attend a class before attending open gym. We recommend you pre-enroll into open gym ahead of time, but it is not required. However, once the roster is full, we may not be able to over-enroll and will turn you away at the door.

  • Kids Open Gym: Ages 6-10; Actively enrolled Tiny Movers students may attend open gym with a parent tag along to spot and watch over them.
  • Mixed Open Gym: Ages 10+ mixed Youth & Adult. If a student is under the age of 10, but currently attending Youth Level 1 classes, they may attend Mixed Open Gym.
  • Adult Open Gym: Ages 15+. Students 18+ may attend open gym without participating in classes.
  • Ninja Training Open Gym:Ages 15+. Students 18+ may attend open gym without participating in classes.

Zone Policy –

Blue Zone – 6 and 7 ft zones marked with blue tape corners. You cannot jump from a blue zone to the floor. (Intermediate and advanced students can with good form)

Red Zone – 8 and 9 ft zones (generally) marked with red tape corners. Blue zone-ers can have their hands in a red zone, but not their torsos, butt or feet.

  • Additional red zone items: Warped Wall, 9 ft bar, 7 ft beam, Tops of the 8 ft bar cage

Batman Zone – Top segments of the city box marked with black and white batman tape. Only batman and his appointed few ma