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Adult Class

Guided by some of the best educated instructors on the East Coast, anyone can learn how to do cool things with their bodies! All our classes are drop-in ready with no commitment necessary.

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Ninja Warrior Classes

Parkour is the perfect training discipline for Ninja Warrior. Whether or not you have aspirations to try out for the show, our gym is the environment to train to become stronger, faster, and more agile.

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Open Gym

The gym has been hand-built by the community to be just like the urban environment found outside. Most everything is modifiable and perfect to help you enhance your ninja-like abilities!

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Kids Classes

With classes designed for kids as young as 3, it’s never too late to get your children active and learning to become just like their favorite super heroes! Our curriculum is engaging, active, and fun!

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Our classes are perfect for almost any age and any fitness level
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Rochester Parkour is dedicated to providing the best movement education possible to its students and members. Through top notch instruction, a wide array of class and service offerings, and an incredibly modifiable facility, Rochester Parkour will serve as a premiere training facility for anyone looking to spruce up their fitness routine, explore their inner potential, or even train to become America’s next Ninja Warrior.
We strive to provide an atmosphere that breeds respect for ourselves, respect for others, and respect for our environment. Safety with our movement and our training is of utmost importance.

Our Values:
“Be Strong, To Be Useful”

“To Live, and To Last”

While our facility doesn’t always sport the thrills and frills of other gyms, we do put a lot of time and effort into designing a space that can evolve and change from week to week and month to month. Our most valuable asset is our instructors who undergo a rigorous apprenticeship program before finally becoming a full-fledged instructor. Lastly, we strive to maintain a 1:8 teacher-student ratio or better in our classes so you never feel like you’re lost in a sea of students or like you never get the attention you deserve.
Parkour is not crazy or dangerous and also is not a performance sport like football or gymnastics. We emphasize safety with our movements and have an incidence of injury a quarter that of football. We can teach you to do really cool things while also staying safe!
Our classes are tight-nit and usually incorporate some form of low-impact, balance-based warm up, followed by some technique work and movement progressions, finalized by some games, creativity drills, or simple free exploration. Conditioning plays a huge part in what we do, but we find creative ways to make it fun and enjoyable for all ages.
Open Enrollment is our preferred registration structure which allows you, the client, to be flexible with how you use the gym and come to classes. There are no sessions that you have to commit to and even people on membership can jump from one class to another without feeling trapped or tied to a particular date and time.

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