Tiny Movers
Ages 4-5

The cutest of all our classes! Custom designed for this age group, Tiny Mover’s focuses on fun while also teaching valuable lessons like patience and respect for others, while also imbuing your little one’s with confidence to safely explore the world around them!

Class Schedule

Kids Classes
Ages 6-9

Movement inspired fun! Fitness through play. We use obstacle courses to expand your child’s abilities to safely interact with the world around them. Develop balance & coordination while we learn to meet & ascend beyond physical & mental barriers!

Class Schedule

Youth Classes
Ages 10-14

With new found height and strength, our Youth Classes are where we start to show your kids how to safely generate and control their dynamic power! They’ll learn to scale 6ft high walls, stride confidently over gaps, and learn some funky fresh moves, too!

Class Schedule

Class Expectations…

Tiny Movers classes require a scheduled on-boarding phone call prior to their first attendance. Parent helpers will be moving and grooving along with their kids throughout class.


Kids & Youth