Train like a Ninja!

Learn how to balance on bars, climb up walls, and swing like a pro!

Classes for everyone ages 3-65

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The cutest of all our classes! We cannot recommend this section enough! The students we train that start at 3-5 years old quickly become the best movers when they get bumped up to kids and youth level classes. Imbue your child with rock solid movement confidence – enroll them today!


Obstacle courses and fun movement games take center stage in these classes. Kids don’t ever know that they’re ‘exercising’! Enroll your child today and set them up for a lifetime of good health and a positive relationship with health and fitness!


As kids turn into teenagers and as they start hitting their growth spurt, movement becomes increasingly important. They will be challenged by their new, longer limbs and they will need to put in that extra time to develop proper coordination. Our youth programs are the ultimate way to boost your teenagers strength, coordination, balance, and speed!


You don’t need to want to be on the TV show to train Ninja Fitness! Anyone can do this! Also, it’s crazy fun! We will teach you how to explore the capacities of the human body to its fullest by balancing on bars, vaulting over hip high barriers, scaling walls taller than you are, and swinging from bar to bar. You will become amazing and you will develop skills you’ve never thought possible before!

Birthday Parties!

Our Ninja Warrior-themed Birthday Parties are so much fun! We’ll custom build an obstacle course for you and your friends to run through and challenge yourselves on. Every party is different!

Fill out our Birthday Party Request Form with all the necessary information and we’ll get back to you asap to get your party scheduled!

Open Gym Training as well!

Not interested in classes? No problem! Look for our open gym times in the schedule to see when you can come by and train on your own. Be aware, anyone younger than 18 MUST actively be enrolled in classes to participate in open gym due to safety restrictions.

Our Tuesday Open Gym is dedicated for Ninja Training! Come during this special hour long time block to test out your balance, strength, and coordination. Train how you want or Coach Charles will help by writing up a recommended challenge list for the hour!