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We are currently using MindBody to list class schedule and handle registrations and track memberships. This service makes the process extremely easy for the user. Before continuing, please read the instructions:

  • To register an account, click “Sign Up!” in the upper right hand corner.

  • Register for a class by clicking the “Sign Up Now” button listed after the days of the week.

  • You may register for one class time or make a recurring registration if you know you’ll be at a certain class most of the time. At the time of this writing – 10/17/2011 – register as unpaid and money will be handled as usual at the front desk in the gym.

At the moment, the merchant account is not active, which means you cannot pay for a class online. This will be handled at the front desk of the gym. We should have it active by the end of the week – 10/22/2011


—> Classes Link <—