The purpose of this program is to train and guide the next generation of RocPK instructors. It is designed to provide a base for the student to apply their movement practice into a new form by teaching others. The program will open the applicant to as much diversity as possible to allow them to hone their ability to portray concepts and communicate to differing personalities.


A mentee must be at least 16 years of age and must demonstrate a strong aptitude of parkour related techniques and present themselves as a leader. A mentee cannot pass final review until they are at least 18 years of age.

30 shadowing hours

The mentee must begin by completing 30 logged hours of shadowing and assisting a certified RocPK instructor. The mentee is expected to acquire an understanding of how classes are structured and how to appropriately communicate to students.

20 teaching hours

The mentee must also complete 20 logged hours of class instruction under the guidance of a RocPK certified instructor. During these classes, a mentee will assume the role of head instructor and will be assessed at the end of each class.

Final Review

To become a certified instructor and to begin accepting all responsibilities and compensation that the title bears, a mentee must be accepted into the role unanimously by the executive board. The mentee will be presented with their positive or negative review and if denied, will be given guidance for improvement.


Think you got what it takes? Send an email today to Charles@RochesterParkour.com!