Rochester Parkour COVID-19 Guide

Strategy Implementation, Client Expectations, & Staff Protocols

Staff Protocols

All protocols are in addition to normal responsibilities. Entry and Exit procedures bracket all other procedures

Entry Procedure

  1. Your mask should be secured before entering the gym and surrounding spaces
  2. Enter the street level doors and proceed directly to the bathrooms
  3. In this order:
    1. Sanitize your phone with alcohol spray and paper towels
    2. Place your phone on a clean paper towel on the counter
    3. Change clothes if needed
    4. Wash your hands in sink
    5. Retrieve phone and enter gym
    6. Put away your belongings in a locker or cubby
    7. Check your temperature at the front desk
    8. Use the desk hand sanitizer station before beginning your shift
  4. Use your phone for all Zen Planner activity you might normally conduct at the desk computer.  The desk computer may only be used by the desk staff.
  5. Open bathroom doors & place door jambs

Exit Procedure

  1. Put away any cleaning supplies used in classes or carried into the gym arena
  2. Return any dirty reusable cleaning supplies to the bin at the front desk
  3. Retrieve all your belongi