The Traveling Traceur Program

In the early days of parkour, you had probably seen the BBC’s Rush Hour commercial, Jump London, or viewed the Ripley’s Believe or Not highlight on the Yamakasi to become interested in Parkour. You may have lurked or discussed parkour on the forums, the Urban Freeflow forums, or the American Parkour forums. You watched the discipline grow world wide as more and more traceurs like you recorded and uploaded their movements to YouTube and in order to meet and learn from these peers, you’d need to travel to them. National Jams were the primary mode of learning. If there was a gym to go to, it was probably only Primal Fitness in DC.

Travel has always been an intimate and important aspect of the Traceur lifestyle. We never want to lose that so Rochester Parkour has initiated the Traveling Traceur Program and is extended to anyone whose residence is greater than 50 miles from the gym’s address. Anyone who meets that requirement may stop by for any hours the gym is open and explore their movement. Open Gym rules and expectations still apply. “Check In” is required to participate in this program and is a simple introduction of yourself via email explaining who you are, how long you have been training, how long your stay will be, and if you need housing or not.

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