Community members,

This is such an emotional roller coaster…  We went from tears of sadness, despair, and loss to tears of joy, gratitude, and humility.  So many of you have already come out to pledge to keep your membership active.  I’m not sure words can properly express just how grateful we are to you…

This blog post is going to address a few questions we’ve had recently from students and families who are not on a monthly membership plan.  Class packages make up nearly half of our revenue stream and that income only happens if there is a class to “go to”.  At first we didn’t know what options would be the best for this, but we put our brain storming caps on and have some alternative avenues of support.

Class Packages only result in income when they get used for a class or service on our Zen Planner page.  For those of you who wish to keep things the same by using class packages, we have a simple solution to help you support the gym during this trying time:

  • Sign up for class as if nothing changed…

I know.  It sounds ridiculous, but it is honestly the easiest way to continue your support of the gym as a Class Pack holder and to ensure that there will still be a parkour gym to come back to when this is all over.  Your reservation in a class service will help ensure a steadier stream of Class Package revenue once the gym does get the all clear and goes active again.  As is, if nothing were to change, most of our Class Pack holders would not be looking at re-upping their packages until late August or early September (depending on when we’re allowed to open our doors again).

At this time, we’ve decided to keep our class schedule unchanged.  Obviously, you won’t be able to come to participate in the class, but if you use the mental exercise of enrolling for and “paying” for a class as motivation to then block out time that day specifically for playful movement, you’ve not only helped keep yourself or your child active during this shut-down, you’ve also helped support the gym.

By all means, if you want an easier way to support the gym, membership will continue to be the most effective while also being the best value you’ll (eventually) receive for services at the gym.  Memberships make all the accounting for our expenses so much easier.

Alternatively, we’ve also decided to bring back the 3-Class Pack option.  This is a digital punch card that you can buy now to help us keep our lease, while also being a lower price point for those of you who are in the thick of it like we are right now.

Merch is still a viable option as well!  Merchandise links are down below as well.

Thanks for all your help and support.  We appreciate you!

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