With my stomach thoroughly stuffed with turkey, stuffing, green beans, yams, and a fine merlot, I want to take a quick minute to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A quick list:
– I’m thankful for the last 5 years of my life with Rochester Parkour. I wouldn’t be the same person without it.
– I’m thankful that (somehow) the gym is still up and running
– For every smile that comes when someone does something they’ve never thought possible, I’m thankful
– For all of our amazing and supportive members, without whom none of this would be possible…thanks for believing in us and joining our unique community
– Lastly, I’m thankful that every day I get up, I am reminded that I love what I do and who I’m doing it for

Happy Thanksgiving all, see you in the gym Monday!

Charles Moreland
Executive Director Rochester Parkour