Welcome to Rochester Parkour! This post will serve as a FAQ and a guide to assist you.

First off, Rochester Parkour, or RocPK, has been teaching in the Rochester area since 2007! We’ve helped thousands improve their balance, coordination, and learn how to have fun again by utilizing play. We’re sure we can help you too!

Have no idea what parkour is? Our Director just recently gave a TED talk on the subject! Be sure to watch it and also read up in our about page found here.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions?

Is parkour safe?

Yes, parkour is one of the safest activities you can try. Through slow, progressive challenge, you will expand your abilities more than you ever dreamed possible and you are the sole decider in how fast you improve. Our instructors are some of the best around and through parkour, you will find you will become more balanced and coordinated than ever. Many of our students explain how they feel safer when playing other sports because of their parkour training!

Is parkour hard?

Yes and no. Parkour is training your body through progressive challenge. You won’t be jumping off walls (in fact we rarely do) your first day, but you will be pushing hard learning how to crawl, vault, balance, and climb. 

I’m nervous I won’t be good right away

No problem! Parkour is not any single action – it’s a mentality about constantly improving. There is no “good” in parkour and no one will be judging your abilities. In fact, many of our first time student are shocked at the positive atmosphere we have in the gym and the community.

How do I contact you? Where are you located?

The gym is located at 121 Lincoln Avenue. Our email address is info@rochesterparkour.com and our phone number is 585.204.7537.