One of the defining characteristics of our establishment is the near complete absence of soft, squishy things. We call it The Ridgid Environment and our students have learned to embrace it as one of the most important teachers they’ll ever have. The world that surrounds us is not soft or squishy and we see the over prevalence of soft surfaces at playgrounds and gyms as something that fosters poor movement habits and unhealthy technique.

With that said, there’s still definitely a lot that can be learned from trampolines or spring floors when used the right way. We’ve been debating this addition for quite some time, but the real push came when our beloved instructor Devin Strehle accepted his new job in Denver, CO.

Before leaving, Devin left a sizable donation to the gym specifically for this purpose. As a thanks, and so as to ensure that his love for flips, tricks, and acrobatic maneuvers could continue, we’ve named the mat in his honor.

What is an AirTrick?

If you’ve never heard of an AirTrick or have never used one, we’d like to first explain what it is not.

The AirTrick is not a landing mat…

Instead, the AirTrick is a training tool that is something inbetween a normal gymnastics spring floor and a small (read: not super bouncy) trampoline. The mat itself is 13 feet wide by 26 feet long and its rebounding capabilities will greatly enhance the acrobatic desires of our students.

Tumbling can now be trained more easily and more safely with the use of this mat and the concept of bailing on a flip, while still not desirable, will be a lot easier to allow.

As the name suggests, this mat is inflatable – it can be inflated in about 20 minutes and it can also be deflated in roughl