Parkour for the Elderly – Part 1 from Charles Moreland on Vimeo.

Last year, RocPK Director Charles Moreland made this video with our eldest member, Mauro. After spending a year going to Saturday jams in Rochester’s Manhattan Square Park, Mauro greatly improved his mobility and physicality. At 62, he can knock out full range squats and perfect sets of pushups with the rest of us.

Not all parkour is explosive or high-impact. We believe strongly in movement exploration and much of our focus is of the low-impact variety.

The Rochester Parkour gym is now offering low-impact classes, designed for participants with mobility issues or an aversion to explosive movement. This class will focus on balance and coordination drills, slow progression of strength, and will incorporate a unique blend of dance and martial art influence.

This class is open to all
Wednesday Evenings 7-8pm
Cost: $15