While our big announcement of RocPK 3.0 is easily visualized with the physical change of locations, we also have big plans for changing how RocPK operates and how our members (and the public) interact and participate in our services. Of these operational changes, we’ve decided to evolve the way that our Adult Programs function.

There are many ways to experience and train Parkour: slow and methodical, fast and dynamic, or physically and mentally complex. There are absolutely reasons why someone may be drawn to only one aspect of those styles, but there’s also a lot to be gained by exploring all of them too.

RocPK’s Level program was designed to keep Level 1 curriculum mostly slow and methodical, while also providing a venue for beginner students to build their technical foundations as well as their strength and coordination. We designed the Level 2 program to house curriculum that mostly explores fast, dynamic, and technically and mentally complex movements. For safety, we’ve required students to pass their Level Test before gaining entry into the Level 2 classes.

In addition to that, our reluctance to advertise class curriculum ahead of time was a philosophical decision to remove a student’s ability to abstain from class curriculum that, while good for their movement education, they might abstain from simply because they don’t like it.

With 8 years of teaching experience under our belt, we’ve come to understand that this system is no longer the best way to function. We want to create an environment where our Level 2 students understand that just because they’re Level 2, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing left to learn from a Level 1 class. We want to create an environment where Level 1 students don’t think that all fast and dynamic styles of movement are equally as unattainable until they pass all aspects of their Level Test. We also want to create an environment that puts the power of choice and responsibility back into the hands of our students.

Given all of these wants, effective this week, the Adult requirement of passing the Level Test is no more. Instead, those ‘requirements’ will be downgraded to ‘guideline recommendations’.

Additionally, we’ve decided to cease our practice of never announcing curriculum ahead of time.

What we hope to accomplish with this change is to give our students (as well as prospective students) the ability to custom tailor their experience with RocPK classes. Perhaps you’re a Level 2 student, but it’s been a while since you’ve been to a class that just focuses on the basics of contralateral vaults. That student will now be able to locate and find a Level 1 class that fits that desire. Perhaps you’re a Level 1 student, and while you have yet to completely pass your Level Test, you see a Level 2 class with a Muscle Up focus and you’ve been interested in knowing more what drills and exercises you can practice to help you obtain that skill. That Level 1 student can now make an informed choice for themselves whether or not they can benefit from being a participant in this class. Finally, perhaps you’re a climber, crossfitter, or overall physically athletic individual and you see something on the Level 2 curriculum that catches your eye. No more will those prospective students need to perform, film, and apply for entry to Level 2 classes before being accepted.

With this change, we’d also to explicitly state three things:

  • Level 1 tier classes will ALWAYS adapt curriculum to the athletic restrictions of participating students
  • Level 2 tier classes will NEVER GUARANTEE adapted curriculum to the athletic restrictions of participating students
  • These changes ONLY apply to our Adult Programs. RocPK Youth Programs will continue to function as they have in the past.

Starting this today, RocPK will begin announcing all curriculum focuses for all Adult technique classes on Sundays via our website blog and social media (Instagram/Facebook). Our first blog post is already live if you want to see what is being offered this week!

-RocPK Team