As a business operating within the service industry, we take the health and safety of our environment seriously. We’ve always operated in a manner that strives to maintain a clean gym space for all participants.

With that in mind, in conjunction with the current pre-cautionary measures being advised by our CDC, we’ve even further stepped up our cleaning procedures. Our gym floor continues to get mopped twice a day during opening and closing. Our surface cleaning schedule of twice per day (with the virucidal cleaner we’ve used for years) is being bumped to several times throughout the day. We’ve initiated a more aggressive schedule for cleaning our bars using the same virucidal cleaner. Our door handle cleaning is being bumped as well to several times per day.

The gym is our sanctuary. It’s our amazing communal space where many diverse groups of people come together with a shared love of movement and their quest for a more holistic sense of well being. Being a communal space, we’re calling on our community to help do their part to ensure that the gym remains the sanctuary we strive for it to be. Below is a list of simple recommendations that everyone within the gym can follow to help maintain the atmosphere:

  • Please be mindful of the surfaces you touch while in the lounge and in the movement space. Do your best to follow the CDC’s guidelines of minimizing personal contact with others and the touching of your face, eyes, nose, ears or mouth and then touching other surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer is located in the gym, but please note, the best and most effective form of cleaning your hands will always be washing your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Parents, please follow your children into the bathrooms to ensure that they are correctly washing their hands.
  • All persons in the gym should attempt to wash their hands before and after class (during?) and in between services for those staying for Open Gym or multiple classes.
  • If one family member is sick with the cold or flu, you are likely to be a carrier even if you’re not yet showing symptoms.

Thank you for standing together to help keep our community healthy as we all work to survive this financially and emotionally stressful time.