We know most of you will be off for vacation, so if you’re going to miss your normal class, take a look at what we’ll be focusing on and try and to get some practice in wherever you may be! Here’s a cool shot from last week’s Summer Camp!


Here’s what we got:

Monday       Focus
Kids                 Rolls/Vaults
Youth             Balance
Adult Int       Top level

Tuesday     Focus
Kids                 Rolls/Vaults
Adult Beg      Tic-Tacs
Youth             Swings

Wednesday Focus
Kids                   Canceled
Youth               Canceled
Adult Beg        Canceled

Thursday   Focus
Homeschool Cats
Adult Int        Precisions

Friday           Focus
Kids                  Strides
Adult Beg       Top-outs
Mobility         PNF Stretching

Saturday    Focus
Kids                 Wall climbs
Youth             Rolls
Adult Beg      Top-outs

Sunday       Focus
Youth            Swings
Adult First Timer Basics
Adult Int     Canceled


Please pay attention to cancellations in red. We will be closed for July 4th.