A New Beginning

Time goes by…

Kind of amazing to see that the last blog post on our roll is from June of 2013. We got busy, and ultimately, I thought I had found my end with writing for a bit. Moves were made, decisions decided, challenges overcome, and new mistakes made. So much has happened since the Summer of 2013…

Rochester Parkour has truly begun to establish itself as one of the leading parkour gyms in the country. Our approach is atypical, bringing an often missed holistic and wellbeing aspect to our training. Our ability to instill good values and bring about high quality movement has drastically improved. It is easily seen through our students movements and training discipline.

This post isn’t meant to be a complete recap of events since the last blog post, but is here rather to signify that whomever we are now is not who we were back then. We have evolved. We are stronger, more complex, and way more passionate about this community than ever before and I think we’re back into the swing of sharing our thoughts and understanding about events, education, and the parkour lifestyle in general.

He hope you enjoy the new us!


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About the Author:

Charles is the co-founder and co-owner of the Rochester Parkour Gym - the first Parkour training facility in New York State. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Fine Art from RIT and has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach, and Parkour instructor for almost a decade.