Parkour is, and always has been, an outdoor activity. Gym’s and other facilities can help foster a safe, effective, and unique training environment, but at some point, those skills learned inside need to translate outside. It’s a whole new world out there. Jumps are different. The ground feels different. For some reason, things you find easy indoors are down right scary outdoors.

We’ve received some inquiries about if we offer outdoor classes aside from our weekly Saturday jams. Currently we do not, but have always wanted to host one of these classes. Those of you who have been lucky enough to experience a class on the outside of the RocPK warehouse know the joys of training parkour on a nice Summer sun day.

To help us gage whether or not we can offer an official class for outdoor instruction, we’ve put together a small survey. Please take the time to respond truthfully – it should take no more than a couple minutes. As a token of thanks for helping us out, upon completion, you may print out the final page of the survey and redeem it for a free class for you or a friend or use it to add an extra week to an existing membership (limit 1 per customer).