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Rochester Parkour offers a service that, literally, no one else in New York State is offering. We are proud to be the first, but not so much that we lose our concept of reality. We love what we do and we want everyone to be able to join the parkour movement. We work really hard to ensure that our prices are competitive compared to other forms of fitness.

$15 a class is difficult for many people for just an hour of instruction. However, our membership packages start at just $40/month. If you come to 1 class a week, you save $20/month! Classes are taught by highly trained and qualified instructors and you will NEVER be left to your own devices. There’s always a trained coach to talk to!

Membership also has the benefit of our Low-Impact and Mobility class – included for free. This means becoming a member gives you 3 hours of guided instruction per week for LESS THAN the drop in rate.


Membership Options

  • $40/mo Basic – 1 parkour class per week. Free entry to all Low-Impact and Mobility classes.
  • $70/mo Deluxe – 2 Parkour classes per week. Free entry to all Low-Impact and Mobility classes.
  • $100/mo Unlimited – Unrestricted gym access PLUS event registration fees waived.

Start saving money now and become a member for June! Contact or ask about how you can become a monthly member next time you’re in the gym.

The RocPK Team

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About the Author:

Charles is the co-founder and co-owner of the Rochester Parkour Gym - the first Parkour training facility in New York State. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Fine Art from RIT and has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach, and Parkour instructor for almost a decade.


  1. Bruno May 31, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Greetings, RocPK
    I am emailing to learn more about what you guys do and maybe becoming a member.
    I’ve always been interested on parkour but never had the opportunity, Is your group though more related to free running or the more flashy parkour?
    And concerning the membership? The basic one allows me to take 1 class but I am not allowed to use the facility just for training? And what are the age group and group size for the classes usually?
    Thank you very much

    -Bruno Ham

    • charles May 31, 2012 at 2:59 pm

      Hi Bruno,
      RocPK is a movement facility. Our curriculum is mostly parkour based with acrobatics taught in more advanced stages. We believe in safety and strength so as long as you are keeping yourself safe, you can train the way you want.

      With a Basic Membership you are absolutely able to come and train during open hours as long as you do not disrupt a class. The membership also allows you free access to the Low-Impact and Mobility classes where we do a lot of stretching and self-massage.

      Ages for adult classes are typically 20+ but some of our teens join in who are advanced enough. Class size varies from 1 person to 5 depending on the day you come. A class will never be over 10 people so you get more attention from the instructor.

      Hope this helped!

      Charles Moreland
      Executive Director

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