Parkour Game – Zombie Tag!

Well balanced parkour training has elements of planned, direct training as well as reactionary training: performing movements and techniques under situations where you don’t actively get to plan out where you want to go. The best visualization of reactionary training is a game of tag.

There’s lots of different ways to play tag, but this one is one of our favorites!

Game Mode: Zombie Mutation Tag
Concept: Unlike other Zombie Tag varieties, the virus in this mode infects the host and turns them into a sponge-like creature. The newly formed zombie seeks out a human victim and absorbs their brain energy, turning themselves back into a human while rendering their victim into a brainless zombie! Zombies are easily recognizable with bandanas or colored vests and must move like zombies.
Preferred Player #: 10+

Play Style (from human perspective):
– Easy – 40% of the total players start as zombies
– Medium – 60-70% of the total players start as zombies
– Hard – 80% of total players start as zombies
– Legendary – Everyone except for one human starts as a zombie!

– Zombie creatures must move like a zombie and cannot run!
– Humans must evade the zombie horde by running, climbing, dodging, and ducking
– If a zombie tags a human, they absorb their brain energy and are now a human
– If a human is tagged by a zombie, they must count to 5 and become a brainless zombie
– Have fun!

Do you have other fun Zombie Tag variations you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments!