Movement is more fun when it’s shared and we’re making it even easier to share with your friends, co-workers, or class mates!

We’re making changes to our referral program. Starting today, referring new members to RocPK can get you huge discounts on your membership!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell your friends, co-workers, or class mates about Rochester Parkour and that you can get them a referral discount off membership
  2. Have your friend ask for a referral membership with your name and you’ll BOTH receive 25% off any full priced membership!

If they’ve never been to a class before, they’ll still be able to use their free trial.

We think that this is an excellent way for our members to feel empowered sharing their experience with RocPK. As a small business, it’s a challenge trying to combat the advertising budgets that big corporations have. Word of mouth is the most powerful and valuable form of advertising for small businesses, and we’re willing to thank you for that value with discounts on your membership.

There are a few details to know about:

  • Discounts and referrals can only be applied on full priced memberships – add on memberships don’t count
  • Referral discounts will be applied to current members on their next up-coming membership payment and cannot be retroactively applied
  • Discounts can absolutely be stacked! Refer multiple families, get multiple discounts. (e.g. if you have an $80/mo membership and refer 4 unique families in the same month, your next membership is FREE!)

If you have any other questions about how this program operates or functions, shoot us an email to and one of our admins will help.