Schedule Changes for 2023

Greetings RocPK Community,

2023 will see some great changes for our little gym and some changes will be starting as soon as January 5th! Notable additions to our service offerings will occur on Thursdays and Saturdays. There will also be some schedule changes that will come into effect during Charles’ and Nicole’s parental leave sometime around late January or early February (the baby doesn’t seem to want to agree to any set schedule…). Read on for more details!

Thursday Changes – Adult Acro and Kids and Youth Level 2!


Our 6pm and 7pm time blocks on Thursdays are being adjusted to offer two wonderful new additions to our Adult, Youth, and Kids Programs.

Kids Level 2 6pm Thursdays – This class has been requested for years and it’s always been a challenge trying to find the right way to implement it. This advanced level class is available to students who show an aptitude for dynamic movement and faster paced learning. Just like our Youth Level 2 program, there is a set of requirements that must be met and signed off on by an instructor in order to be granted entry into this class. If a student between the ages of 6 and 9 can…

  • Hang from a bar for 30 seconds
  • Hold a straight arm, straight body plank for 30 seconds
  • Broad jump their body length
  • Balance on a rail for 10 seconds without falling

…an instructor will talk to the student and the parent about the possibility of moving up to this special Level 2 offering. Students in this class can expect more learning on advanced level techniques and slightly more freedom than is permitted in a typical Level 1 class for this age group. If you believe your child can already satisfy these requirements, tell your instructor the next time we see you for class and we can make sure to assess and let your child know if they passed or what they can work on to gain entry into the Level 2.

Youth Level 2 6pm Thursdays – The biggest complaint we’ve heard about the Tuesday Youth Level 2 class is that 7pm is too late for many families during the school year. Also that there’s only one day option. Youth Level 2 will now have class options on Tuesdays at 7pm and Thursdays at 6pm to make attendance easier on families.

Adult Acro 7pm Thursdays – If you haven’t yet checked out an Adult Acro Basics class, you really should! We’ve only heard incredible things from this class and Josh has been KILLING it with lots of interesting tricks and moves that you likely have never heard of nor knew could be so easy to learn! Given the popularity of the Basics class, we’ll be adding Adult Acro back onto the schedule.

This Acro class falls within the parameters of our Level 2 program and will incorporate a faster paced learning environment as well as more dynamic and complex tricks such as flips, handsprings, and aerial twists.

Saturday Changes – Earlier time block, Kids and Youth Game Days, More Tinies!


We’ve heard a number of complaints that 2pm is a little too late to start some services for some families on a Saturday. We’ve gone in and adjusted our time block to reflect that of our Sundays, 12pm – 3pm. Here is the new schedule for Saturdays:

  • 12pm Tiny Movers
  • 12pm Kids Level 1
  • 1pm Adult Level 1 (one hour earlier than current)
  • 1pm Youth Level 1 (one hour earlier than current)
  • 2pm NEW Kids Game Day
  • 2pm NEW Youth Game Day

What is Game Day?

For those that remember our class structure pre-covid shutdowns, classes were 55 minutes long and those extra 10 minutes usually went to structured games with the kids classes. While covid forced us to adjust our class length to accommodate other tasks, we have decided that the benefits of this shorter class length, and the extra time allotted in between class services, makes for a much better service. Instructors can actually talk to parents now in between classes and have much more time to field questions and set up for their next class. This also meant that games have slowly been shunted away, as many kids remind us on a weekly basis.

Kids and Youth Game Day is an experiment we’re going to run to see if games can be utilized as its own standalone service as a supplement to our Kids and Youth Programs. Some days will only have one game be a focus while others might have multiple smaller games structured during the 45 minute service. Games to expect: every version of tag known and unknown, co-operative exploration games, challenge games such as Parkour TicTacToe or Parkour Golf, and many others.

Restrictions! Seeing as this new service allows for more open ended movement and elements of free exploration, participants of this class cannot use it as their only experience with us for safety reasons. $20 Drop Ins will not available and no one without an active membership will be permitted to enroll. Participants must be students in other classes and attend them regularly. As such, entrance into this class is only available to All Access Members or Kids/Youth Members.

Participants with a Kids/Youth Membership will be given free access to this service for 4 weeks, starting on January 14th, that will allow them pre-enroll for these time slots and experience what it’s like to be an All Access Member. Should you love how much fun your kids will have during this time block, upgrading from a Kids/Youth to an All Access is just $30.

If you want to get your kids enrolled early, please contact us either through the Momence app or and we can add this promo membership onto your account so that you may enroll your kids at your own convenience starting as soon as you’re done reading this post.

Schedule Interruptions for Parental Leave – Closed on SUNDAYS

Josh, Jonathan, and Teaghan are rock stars and we’ve formulated a schedule that will see very few interruptions of service once Charlie and Nicole’s baby is born. The ONLY day that will be affected by parental leave will be SUNDAYS which will be cancelled. Sundays will be back on the schedule once Charlie is off parental leave and back in the gym.

Questions? Comments? You can actually reply directly to this post if you wish. You may also email us at or send us a message through the Momence App.


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New Class! Acro Basics!

Community members,

Wednesdays are about to get a whole lot more interesting with a new class service being added called Acro Basics! This class will be taught by the incredible Joshua Hale and is designed to help guide new students looking to begin their journey into the world of Tricking and Acrobatics. Here are the details and if you’re interested in learning more about this class, read on.

Wednesday Schedule Changes Effective 12/8:

Adult Movement Circuits 7pm-7:45pm 6pm-6:45pm
Acro Basics 7pm-7:45pm
Strength 8pm-8:45pm

Important to note for those who remember the old Acro Class and how it operated, this is not a return of that class. The old Acro Class was attached as a part of our Level 2 program and focused on much more dynamic and complex flips and tricks such as front and back flips, handsprings, corkscrews, and other more advanced acrobatics. We are hopeful to bring that class back to the schedule at some point in the near future and this new beginner friendly offering is a part of that overall plan.

By contrast, Acro Basics is being added to our Adult Level 1 program to serve as a gateway for those looking for more guided and structured curriculum to both learn and reaffirm acrobatic techniques as well as conditioning drills to open the way for more dynamic acrobatic tricks for students looking to learn those. This class will be tailored more for beginners. Here is a brief list of what to expect:

  • Cartwheels
  • Handstands
  • Tricker Kicks (Crescent, Front, Side, Hook, Round, Tornado, Pop 3)
  • Transitions (Scoot, Machine Scoot, Blaster Scoot, Macaco)
  • Butterfly Kicks
  • Tricker Aerials
  • Sweeps

This class will include both on and off AirTrack learning, but students looking to join should always come prepared to use the AirTrack with appropriate attire (soft clothing, socks – grippy socks recommended, but not required, no hard objects such as zippers, rivets, buttons, stud earrings, belt buckles). However there will be a lot of exploration of creative tricking skills learned and applied in our regular movement space.

Additionally, this class will be operating in a similar hybrid age fashion like our Strength and Mobility classes and will be available to our Youth Level 2 students who wish to join.

If you have any other questions about this new class offering you can send us an email to or give us a call at 585.204.7537.

Come get your acro on!


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