To all members,

On the new frontpage of you will find a button on the right hand side that says donate. At first, this button was just added as a side project. Unfortunately, it is now the time where we need you, the community, the most.

The gym has now been open for almost a month and progress, as much as I hate to say it, is still slow. We’ve had a couple amazing successes which include the grand opening and the Ninja Warrior event, but we are still lacking in funds necessary to pay our rent.

This gym is not just a side project nor is it a method by which to steal or sink money. This gym is necessary for a wide variety of reasons:

1. This physical space is a testament to the Rochester community that we, as a community, are serious and proud about what we do.

2. Having a space speaks loudly to the worldwide community that we can band together and do something real and lasting. It puts Rochester on the map of known commu