To all members,

On the new frontpage of you will find a button on the right hand side that says donate. At first, this button was just added as a side project. Unfortunately, it is now the time where we need you, the community, the most.

The gym has now been open for almost a month and progress, as much as I hate to say it, is still slow. We’ve had a couple amazing successes which include the grand opening and the Ninja Warrior event, but we are still lacking in funds necessary to pay our rent.

This gym is not just a side project nor is it a method by which to steal or sink money. This gym is necessary for a wide variety of reasons:

1. This physical space is a testament to the Rochester community that we, as a community, are serious and proud about what we do.

2. Having a space speaks loudly to the worldwide community that we can band together and do something real and lasting. It puts Rochester on the map of known communities. I’ve actually been approached by several traceurs who have never been to New York, who know about Rochester Parkour and have an understanding that it is an amazing and dedicated community.

3. A space provides us with the means by which to enact lasting change on what parkour is and how it is viewed by the public. This is a place to denounce anyone who has shrugged us off as just another bunch of crazy and delinquent kids jumping off things for thrills.

4. This space is necessary for the dreaded Winter months that will inevitably come and make your training that much more di