Challenge Level: 3-9
Skills: Body Prop, Cat Shimmy

Description: Start in a Cat Hang on the grab bar and begin by shimmying across the face of the wall towards the entryway to the cave. Finish on top of the Rock.

  • Beginner:
    • Challenge Lvl 3 – Cat Shimmy across the wall to the next grab bar. Body prop through the entryway to the cave to the next set of bars. Climb up the chute to the platform.
    • Challenge Lvl 4 – Same as above, except the grab bar at the entrance of the cave is OUT.
  • Intermediate:
    • Challenge Lvl 5 – Same as above. All bars OUT.
  • Advanced:
    • Challenge Lvl 8 – Same as above except instead of climbing up the chute, you must climb through the Cave. EVERYTHING is IN except the 2×4 boards on the floor.
  • Insane!
    • Challenge Lvl 9 – Same as above except all 2×4 grabs are OUT.