We’ve officially been given the go ahead to start moving into our new space this coming Thursday, July 11th!

It’s been a long time coming and the move got pushed several times due to unforeseen factors, but this move means that we’ll be up and ready for action on Monday July 15th!

Official move day is Thursday which means we’ve gone ahead and canceled all Thursday classes through end of day Sunday the 14th, but it’s possible that contractors will be done in our space by the end of the work day on Wednesday. If that’s the case, we’ll be alerting everyone through our newsletter for the last minute closures of our Movement Circuits, Youth level 1, and our Adult level 1 classes. Kids and Tiny’s classes will be held as normal on Wednesday, no matter what.

The new space is really starting to pull together. Our beautiful new full pane windows were installed last week and they’re a real game changer for us.

We also have three times as many super bright LED lights!

Our front entrance won’t be completely done getting the same beautiful brick that our current entrance has by Monday, so any one coming to class will still use our current (old) entrance and will walk through our current space to the door in the back. We’ll let you know when the new entrance is available for use. The new entrance is going to be gorgeous though and we’ll have a nice big window that looks directly out into it.

Thanks again to all you amazing community members who have been patient with us during all this craziness! We appreciate you greatly and we’re excited to be able to have a space that can be more accommodating and better in every way for you and your family!