Gym closed, Sunday, June 10th

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Rochester Parkour Gym will be closed Sunday, June 10th. We apologize for any inconveniences.


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Become a Member Today

Rochester Parkour offers a service that, literally, no one else in New York State is offering. We are proud to be the first, but not so much that we lose our concept of reality. We love what we do and we want everyone to be able to join the parkour movement. We work really hard to ensure that our prices are competitive compared to other forms of fitness.

$15 a class is difficult for many people for just an hour of instruction. However, our membership packages start at just $40/month. If you come to 1 class a week, you save $20/month! Classes are taught by highly trained and qualified instructors and you will NEVER be left to your own devices. There’s always a trained coach to talk to!

Membership also has the benefit of our Low-Impact and Mobility class – included for free. This means becoming a member gives you 3 hours of guided instruction per week for LESS THAN the drop in rate.


Membership Options

  • $40/mo Basic – 1 parkour class per week. Free entry to all Low-Impact and Mobility classes.
  • $70/mo Deluxe – 2 Parkour classes per week. Free entry to all Low-Impact and Mobility classes.
  • $100/mo Unlimited – Unrestricted gym access PLUS event registration fees waived.

Start saving money now and become a member for June! Contact or ask about how you can become a monthly member next time you’re in the gym.

The RocPK Team

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Rochester Parkour on Channel 8 News!


We’re really proud of where we’ve come and what we do and we strongly believe that we have the best approach towards fitness. This last Tuesday, News Channel 8 came out to video our own Grant and Eric Higgins for their “Fit Families” spotlight.

Remember, even though this highlights our youth, parkour is for everyone! Sign up for a class and give us a shot!

Click the link to check out the article!

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The Importance of Exploration in Structured Curriculums

Head Coach Andrew found this great article that brings to light some very interesting problems with the way our brains develop in youth.

In the last several years, we at RocPK have noticed an interesting trend: we rarely need to instruct young kids on how to move. Adults, however, are another story. Bring your child the first day and the first thing they will do is try to climb on the bars, jump on the boxes, and balance on the rails. Typically, an adult will wait until you tell them concretely what it is they should do. In essence, they bypass exploration in favor of direct instruction.

You may not find much wrong with this approach and there definitely are benefits. But parkour is a creative discipline and simply doing only what your instructor tells you to do does nothing to help your creativity. In kids, direct instruction before exploration yields shocking results and makes them less likely to try new things out on their own without being directly told what to do.

At Rochester Parkour, movement exploration is an important factor that is designed into each class. Exploration is typically encouraged at the start of a class, after a central idea has been expressed. The students will then explore the idea or a particular challenge with direct instruction being applied afterwards as a guide or to channel their creativity into something more constructive.


On multiple occasions, we’ve caught a number of our younger students discovering movements that we’ve never taught them! Below is a lucky shot I got of AJ discovering how to backwards lache:


Direct instruction is also an important part of the education equation, but not at the expense of creative play and exploration. Try new things and challenge yourself! Come to the gym and play with us!

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Ladies’ Hour!


Hello Lovely Ladies out there,

The Rochester Parkour Gym is offering a new hour slot specifically for women! Ladies’ Hour will be held on Tuesday evenings from 8-9pm and run by Nicole Suchy. This time slot will be completely male-free and dedicated to building confidence through movement, connecting with your fellow women-practitioners, and just having fun. Come get strong through play! No experience required, just a good attitude.

Officially begins THIS Tuesday, May 1st. See you then!

Questions? Email Nicole Suchy:

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1 Year Anniversary!

Saturday Event Reminder!

THIS Saturday, April 21st, Rochester Parkour will be celebrating the Gym’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Join us at the Gym, 121 Lincoln Ave, to celebrate with us. Here’s the schedule of events:

2pm- 5pm

Ninja Warrior Competition (Competitors Fee $10, FREE to watch)

Refreshments Provided to all!


1-Year Anniversary Celebration

Collaboration Mural Showcase with Make Your MARC

RocPK Performance Video Screening from the RIT Juggle-In Public Show

Food, Fun, and Open Training! (Under 18 will need parent supervision and/or Liability Waiver)


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RocPK Mural Needs a Name!

Please send your ideas to, leave them in the comments below, or tell us at the gym!

We will be compiling everyones input into a few great choices. Then we’ll vote!

If you haven’t already, stop by the gym and paint your name on the wall!!

If you would like to hear more about the Make Your MARC mural project, visit


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Ninja Warrior Feb 18th


It’s that time again – the time where you polish all your new moves and abilities and pit them against the clock to become a champion!

We believe strongly in these timed competitions as they are the true test of your capabilities. You may be able to do some pretty sweet stuff, but can you do them when it really matters? When time is racing? When your heart is racing?

February 18th is the day! 2pm to 5pm.

We’ve got some fun new stuff in the gym and we’re pretty excited about the course.

This event is donation based and is limited to 17+. If you’re an older teen that wants to participate, please send us an email at or talk to us in the gym.

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Low-Impact Classes

Parkour for the Elderly – Part 1 from Charles Moreland on Vimeo.

Last year, RocPK Director Charles Moreland made this video with our eldest member, Mauro. After spending a year going to Saturday jams in Rochester’s Manhattan Square Park, Mauro greatly improved his mobility and physicality. At 62, he can knock out full range squats and perfect sets of pushups with the rest of us.

Not all parkour is explosive or high-impact. We believe strongly in movement exploration and much of our focus is of the low-impact variety.

The Rochester Parkour gym is now offering low-impact classes, designed for participants with mobility issues or an aversion to explosive movement. This class will focus on balance and coordination drills, slow progression of strength, and will incorporate a unique blend of dance and martial art influence.

This class is open to all
Wednesday Evenings 7-8pm
Cost: $15

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