AAaaaaand, suddenly it’s Winter I guess…

Fun things on the curriculum this week:

  • Tonight’s Movement Circuits is Footwork in the front bar cage. Expect nonsense (in a good way!)
  • Tuesday’s Time Trial’s is going to be in the back of the gym and will be a much longer course than normal. Great workout opportunity here
  • Wednesday’s Level 1 is bracchiation. Don’t know what that is? Don’t miss this class 😛
  • Thursday’s Level 2 is going to be heavily focused on flag tag. If you’ve never played, you’re missing out. Also, Ankle Stability Intensive for Mobility!
  • Saturday’s Level 1 is bilateral vaults like pops and kongs. These skills are super fun to play around with as Vince is demonstrating with his Kong-Cat in the gif up there
  • Sunday’s Strength is back to basics with strength intensity circuits. Come ready to work hard!

In random news, the Front Bar Cage might be on its way out and getting redesigned. If you have ideas for what you’d like to see in that space, hit us up!


  • 6pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Footwork
  • 8pm Level 2 Acro: Capoeira
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Turn Swings
  • 7pm Level 2 Time Trials: Fast Paced Weaving (not tight spaces)
  • 5:30pm Level 1 Movement Circuits: Level changes
  • 7:30pm Level 1 Skill: Bracchiation
  • 6pm Level 1 Skill: Jump to Cats
  • 6pm Level 2 Skill: Footwork/Strides/Pres – Flag Tag
  • 7pm Strength: 10 to 1
  • 8pm Mobility: INTENSIVE – Ankle Stability
  • 11am Level 1 Skill: Bilateral Vaults
  • 1pm Level 2 Skill: Vertical Jumps – Tacs and Plyos
  • 1pm Level 1 Skill: Underbars
  • 2pm Strength: Intensity Circuits
  • 3pm Mobility: Full body rolling